Crystal Dreams Spiritual & Metaphysical Show of Montreal

Spiritual & Metaphysical Show of Montreal

The annual Spiritual and Metaphysical festival of Montreal welcomes everyone who is interested in learning more about spirituality and the metaphysical. This event is one of the most awaited trade shows in Montreal & it’s completely FREE. It is one of the largest spiritual gatherings of Montreal with more than 25 exhibitors & an attendance of over 1 000 people. The fair will be held at the “Harmony Hall” located on the west island of Montreal which has access to a free parking lot….

Crystal Dreams Esoteric Store in Montreal

Esoteric Store in Montreal

Crystal Dreams is quickly becoming the number one esoteric, metaphysical & alternative medicine store in Montreal. We offer both retail & wholesale of high-quality products related to Wiccan beliefs, paganism, healing, shamanism, reiki & alternative medicine at the most competitive prices in the market. This crystal store has one of the largest variety of products in Montreal….

Article Crystal Dreams Cristaux et Science: Énergie, Fréquence et Vibration

Crystals & Science: Energy, Frequency & Vibration

Crystals and gemstones have captivated people’s imaginations for centuries. During our history, many civilizations have been puzzled by the beautiful shapes, colours and mysteries of crystals. These beautiful gems grow naturally deep inside the earth and it takes hundreds of thousands of years for these stones to reach their perfect form.  This is why Crystals are also refer to as the flowers of the earth. They grew from the earth and came into this world to bring beauty and good energies around them. Crystals are more powerful than what we can possible imagine. They have been on this earth for millions of years and they will be here long after we’re gone. Why have crystals captivated our imagination since the beginning of time? Do crystals have energy or any hidden powers?…

Crystal Dreams 10 livres que vous devriez lire avant de mourir

10 Books You Should Read Before You Die

Many people forget about the importance of reading self help books. Yet, some books are so powerful and inspiring, they can change your life forever. You will never see life the same way as before. The wisdom and knowledge from these books can make you smile or bring tears into your eyes. They make you realize that maybe you have been living life the wrong way. It creates a chain reaction in your soul that transforms your reality and changes your perspective about life. I call this the butterfly effect because you become a new person. A part of you dies and another part is reborn. These books not only teach you how to live a happy life but also how to thrive and achieve your goals. They teach you how to find true happiness and gives you motivation to keep chasing after your dreams….

Crystal Dreams Article Qu'est-ce que Auralite Amethyst 23?

What is Auralite Amethyst 23?

This crystal is a very rare type of Amethyst that can only be found in one place in the world: Canada. Each piece contains a combination of about 2 to 7 different minerals from a list of 23. This stone is estimated to be around 2.4 Billion years old & to have come from a time when everything had melted into a solution due to heat from impacting comets. Some of the 23 different minerals that have been found in Auralite are Silver, Gold, Platinum, Hematite, Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, Malachite & more!…