Huge Vanadinite Geode

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One Colossal Vanadinite Cluster From Africa:

This extra large Vanadinite crystal cluster has a beautiful red colour and stands on it’s base making it ideal for display at a home or even a museum. This gem is a high quality Vanadinite brought from the Sahara Desert of Morocco into our Canadian store. It is a rare specimen that was personally selected by one of our team members during his trip in Africa. The beauty, price and quality is unmatched by other Vanadinite crystal geodes in the market. This a 100% Natural and high quality gemstone.

Item Dimensions:

  • Size: 8″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″
  • Weight: 4 125 Grams

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What is Vanadinite?

This beautiful and elegant semi-precious stone will not pass by unnoticed in a room and is often a conversation starter. This is not a coincidence since Vanadinite is a crystals with many fire and air attributes. In other words, it is a stone of passion, action and transformation. This gemstone enhances communications between people and can clear negative energy and even help remove blockages and fears that are harming the growth of these relationship. This crystal is ideal to restore or create bridges in relationships where people might feel the need to overcome obstacles or difficulties in order to communicate effectively with each other and develop a healthy relationship.

This applies to relationships at work, at home, with our bosses, coworkers, friends, new acquaintances or even loved ones. Overall, Vanadinite is a great stone to strengthen and bring balance and harmony in our human relations because it strengthens communication between people while removing any blockages that might be impeding these relationships from flourishing and becoming healthy. In other words, the specialty of this stone is helping individuals overcome any communication blockages they might have with other people in their lives. Remember to use this stone to heal relationships where you feel intimidated, shy, inferior, unworthy or resentful towards the other person. This gem is also ideal to cleanse energies of the environment, protect your home from negativity and remove tensions from a room. The ideal place to put Vanadinite in display is in an office or a living room where we want to enhance and energize the flow of energy.

The redness of the crystal will boost a person’s vitality, creativity and energy pushing one to take action that is required in their life in order to move forward. It’s an ideal stone for writers, artists, entrepreneurs and painters! If you feel stuck in life, this stone can help you to get things done. Meditate with this gorgeous stone to remove any blockages and program it to achieve any desires or goals that you want to accomplish. The connection with this crystals is slow but once it kicks off you will feel very attached to this gemstone. This crystal bring brings abundance, good luck, a positive mental attitude, discourages suicide, helps overcome addictions and pushes a person to look inwards for solutions and personal development. Vanadinite works with directly with the Sacral Chakra.


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