Natural Obsidian Wand Ideal For Massages

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Product Description:

– Natural Obsidian Wand ideal for massages, reiki & self healing.
– 100% Authentic Obsidian wand from India
– Extremely strong & resistant to pressure

Average Dimensions:

– Average Dimension: 4″ Length x 0.5″ width
– Weight: 50 grams

*The crystal wand you will receive upon purchase is exactly the same as in the pictures. All measurements are approximates. This is a 100% genuine crystal from India. Authenticity & quality guaranteed.

What is Obsidian?

Obsidian is actually Lava. This stone was often used in ancient times to create knives, blades, spears & arrowheads. This is the reason why many people believe that it is a very powerful metaphysical tool that can pierce into a person’s heart and sometimes without causing pain in order to release the hidden inner powers. This crystal is also often used for protection because it has the capacity to absorb and repel negativity. Obsidian is an ideal stone for people who feel stuck in life and feel the need to move forward. This gem encourages people to strive towards growth, face their fears and take on the challenges they need to face in order to achieve what their hearts truly desire. This stone is extremely powerful and should not be taken lightly. Obsidian is also a grounding and calming stone. This crystal is the stone of preference to make jewelry due to its hardness which can be compared to that of glass. Obsidian is a sagittarius birthstone.



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