Birthstones: Metaphysical Properties and Meanings

We have all heard of birthstones at some point throughout our lives; they are the stones that correspond to the month we were born in and each month has a different stone. Most months have multiple birthstones; for example, the month of March is most popularly known for the birthstone Aquamarine, but it is also the month for Bloodstone. June has three, but it is mainly known that pearl is its birthstone. 

These stones can be found in many forms such as polished pieces, sculptures or rough. However, one of the most popular ways for people to carry birthstones is by wearing them in the form of jewelry! Such as crystal bracelets, necklaces or pendants.  At Crystal Dreams, we have all kinds of birthstones readily available in different forms. Many people like to carry a small tumbled piece of their birthstone on them so they can bring it around wherever they go. Tumbled stones are small and easy to carry around! You can place them in your pocket, car, school bag, purse or wherever they fit to ensure your birthstone will always be  with you.

Here’s a list of some of the birthstones for each month of the year and their special metaphysical properties and meaning.

  • January – Garnet

Garnet is a very powerful energy stabilizer and is ideal for putting an end to chaotic energies throughout difficult chapters in a person’s life. This crystal is like an anchor that helps revitalize the body, mind and spirit. Garnet is also a protection stone; it repels negativity, evil eye and helps its user overcome overwhelming situations. This gemstone purifies, regenerates and rebalances a person’s energy field while clearing blockages. It can enhance an individual’s motivation, confidence, courage, determination and inspiration. Garnet is an excellent grounding stone, and can assist with restoring balance, love and control. This crystal works mainly with the root chakra.

  • February – Amethyst

Amethyst can help raise people’s vibrational frequency and consciousness. It does the same for the energy within a specific space or object. It is best-known for transmutation effects; transforming negative energy into positive. This crystal helps to overcome fears, facilitates dreaming, relaxation, develops intuition, enhances mental clarity, brings spiritual connection, reduces stress and anxiety. Amethyst also stimulates focus, optimism, motivation and self control. This gemstone works mainly with the third eye and crown chakra and it allows one to reconnect with the divine source by purifying and regenerating the connection with the universe.

  • March – Aquamarine & Bloodstone

Aquamarine is a rare gemstone that helps balance emotions, calm overactive minds, relieve stress, enhance self expression, eliminate hate, dispel fears, combat phobias and cleanses one’s energetic field. Aquamarine works mainly with the throat chakra and it enhances public speaking abilities, writing skills, self-expression, confidence and other communication skills. 

Bloodstone is a great protection stone, but it’s also great for stimulating the determination to accomplish goals. It is believed to heighten courage, decision making, confidence, strength and vitality. It is an excellent companion in rough times; it combats loneliness, eliminates perceived limitations, increases energy levels, enhances sleep, uncovers hidden talents and helps to overcome shyness.

  • April – Diamond

Diamonds are believed to be pure crystals that radiate purity, strength and love. This is why people often associate diamonds with love, marriage and honesty. Some of the benefits of diamonds are; increase self confidence, happiness in marriage, amplifies love in relationships and promotes empathy towards others.

  • May – Emerald 

In the metaphysical world, emerald is believed to have  its own special kind of “magic”. Many believe emeralds can attract wealth and prosperity while bringing hope for future achievements. Emeralds can ignite a fire in people’s hearts, inspiring them to manifest their soul’s deepest desires. It energizes, heals, and motivates by awakening ambition. Emeralds rejuvenate the soul and help a person to find true passion in life.  This crystal works mainly with the heart chakra and it’s ideal to reconnect with Mother Nature.

  • June – Pearl, Alexandrite & Moonstone 

Pearls carry energies of healing, love and transformation. Pearls radiate a relaxing energy, thus relieving stress and anxiety. They also encourage compassion, patience, dedication, prosperity, abundance and cultivating self love. As a goddess stone, it helps empower women, awakening the divine feminine within.

Alexandrite is also a June stone. It is said to bring luck, good fortune and love. This stone reminds people of their  life purpose, and gives hope to those in despair. It also strengthens intuition, creativity, and imagination.

Moonstone helps develop intuition and psychic abilities. It amplifies any existing connection to the spiritual realm. It enhances spiritual growth and helps calm emotions. This crystal represents the power of the moon and the divine femininity.  Moonstone is also known as the traveler’s stone; it is believed to protect a traveler on any journey, while helping to attract positive people and situations along the way. This gemstone is also a great crystal for those embarking on a journey to seek new love.

  • July – Ruby

This crystal enhances self-esteem, vitality, motivation, goal setting, positivity, love, passion and bravery. It is a very powerful and protective gemstone that calls for compassion while encouraging people to become more attuned with their higher selves in order to defend and bring justice to those in need. The ruby is like a flash in the dark that helps awaken a person’s  higher purpose while keeping them grounded in this physical reality. 

  • August – Peridot

Peridot is also known as olivine. It raises optimism, confidence and self-esteem. It enhances personal growth and nudges an individual to undertake new beginnings. It helps to attract abundance, harmony and protection against negative vibes. This is a stone of action, ideal for motivation when chasing your goals. It aids with manifestation and energy renewal. Peridot also removes guilt and helps to get out of difficult situations.

  • September – Sapphire 

Sapphire is a stone of learning and wisdom. It  heals the mind while lending strength and focus. It allows one to access a deeper level of consciousness to provide a fuller understanding of themselves. Sapphire helps a person to embrace order, structure, and self-discipline. This stone is known for helping a person accomplishing goals and manifesting ideas into reality. 

  • October – Opal & Pink Tourmaline

Opal is said to help accessing and expressing one’s true self. It brings loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity. This stone helps you understand your true potential and self-worth. 

Pink Tourmaline is a powerful stone that teaches the importance of self love so that it may be expressed in one’s relationships. Pink tourmaline enhances patience and empathy while attracting joy into a person’s life. This gem works directly with the heart chakra, teaching its carrier how to give and receive love.

  • November – Topaz & Citrine

Topaz promotes truth, forgiveness and self-realization; it brings generosity, abundance and good health. It is traditionally known as a stone of love, good fortune as well as bringing successful attainment of one’s goals.

Citrine is a very powerful stone for attracting abundance, prosperity, and helping manifest dreams into reality. Citrine attracts the tools, connections, people, information and opportunities necessary to attain a goal. This crystal improves self-esteem, mental clarity, and restores vitality. It encourages one to follow their dreams, making it perfect for entrepreneurs and personal development. This gem works mainly with the solar plexus and it is believed to be a powerful manifestation tool.

  • December – Turquoise, Tanzanite & Zircon

Turquoise promotes spiritual attunement and wisdom. It enhances intuition and dispels negative energy. This crystal promotes self-realization, assists in creative problem-solving, aids in creative expression and  calms the nerves when speaking in public. It’s ideal to combat exhaustion, depression and panic attacks.

Tanzanite facilitates communication, as well as inner and outer journeying. It brings the higher mind and the physical body into contact with one another. This stone changes colour when viewed from different directions, which helps raise consciousness.

Zircon is believed to attract prosperity, honor, wisdom, and self-confidence. As it opens up the heart through compassion, it aids with self-love and love for others. Zircon is a grounding stone which inspires and motivates; helping the carrier remain goal-oriented.

What is your birthstone? Leave us a comment below!

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