The Metaphysical & Spiritual Show Of Quebec

Our annual Spiritual and Metaphysical Show of Quebec welcomes everyone who is interested in learning more about spirituality and the metaphysical world. This trade show is expected to have more than 60 exhibitors with an estimated attendance of over 5,000 people! Entrance is completely FREE and everyone is welcome to attend this unique event. Here is a brief summary of the important information regarding this event:…

FREE Crystals & Chakras Workshop In Montreal

FREE Crystals & Chakras Workshop In Montreal

To celebrate the beginning of Fall, Crystal Dreams is organizing a FREE seminar about Crystals and Chakras. Crystals can be used to increase vital energy and stimulate our energy points known as Chakras. This is a great opportunity to learn how to effectively use these divine tools from nature.

In this event, you will learn how to purify crystals and how to increase their power using certain techniques. We will then proceed to uncover the fundamentals of the Chakras and how to align them. We will also show you how to program and use your gemstones….

Montreal's Spiritual Community

Montreal’s Spiritual Community

Montreal is a beautiful city, full of opportunities and ressources. People are attracted by the many wonderful attractions of the Plateau and the different working environments available. Sometimes the many possibilities of Montreal can feel overwhelming when we are disconnected from our own source. The stimulation and noise from downtown can sometimes weight down on us. There are many ways to uplift our energy, so that we may find a more positive perspective of Montreal that allows us to enjoy its many spiritual community activities….

St-Denis: The Heart of Montreal 2

St-Denis: The Heart of Montreal

Montreal is a beautiful city filled with world renowned restaurants, plenty of tourist attractions, great music, breath-taking art and amazing people. With the rise of the spiritual movement, St-Denis is now becoming known as the spiritual street of Mont-Royal, making it the ultimate location for our second Crystal Dreams store.​…

Smudging 1


Cleansing yourself, your crystals, and your home are very important rituals. Many people develop their own method of cleansing, whether it includes sage, Palo Santo, or incense. All three of these are tools that can be used in your cleansing ritual. While some people create an everyday ritual, you can choose to repeat yours at whichever rate works best for you and your space. ​What is important to keep in mind within your ritual’s setting is your intention. While lighting the tool you choose to incorporate, and while walking around the space you are clearing or fanning yourself, you must keep your intention in your mind.​…