10 Books You Should Read Before You Die

Crystal Dreams 10 livres que vous devriez lire avant de mourir

Many people forget about the importance of reading self help books. Yet, some books are so powerful and inspiring, they can change your life forever. You will never see life the same way as before. The wisdom and knowledge from these books can make you smile or bring tears into your eyes. They make you realize that maybe you have been living life the wrong way. It creates a chain reaction in your soul that transforms your reality and changes your perspective about life. I call this the butterfly effect because you become a new person. A part of you dies and another part is reborn. These books not only teach you how to live a happy life but also how to thrive and achieve your goals. They teach you how to find true happiness and gives you motivation to keep chasing after your dreams….

How to Make Dreams Come True

Comment faire des rêves deviennent réalité

As I climb to success I like to remember my humble beginnings. Many people ask me where I get my ideas and how I managed to transform my life from complete negative to positive. This is not a process that can be achieved overnight. One needs patience, perseverance and most importantly, the courage to follow their intuition. If you are serious about making your dreams become true,  you will have to learn about the power of positive thinking and how to use it to control your mind. To create your own reality, you have to join the school of life, and of course reading books are mandatory to reach your full potential. This guide will show you the most important habits to start working on to create the reality you always dreamed of….