Fake Auralite 23 in the Market: Don’t be fooled!

Crystal Dreams Auralite 23

How can one tell if an Auralite is real or not ? If you thought the image above was one of a real auralite amethyst crystal, then you just got fooled! It is actually a replica from China. The Auralite Amethyst crystal is a beautiful gemstone that can only be found in Canada and has a very distinctive look. It is estimated to be around 1.2 billion years old and it can contain up to 23 different minerals. However, on average each piece of Auralite has between 2 to 7 different minerals. In the last few years, Auralite Amethyst has been rapidly increasing in popularity due to its outstanding metaphysical properties, testimonials, unique look and its unusual mineral composition. Auralite is indeed a very rare crystal and its beauty is captivating people from all around the world.

Why is there Fake Auralite in the Market?

Unfortunately, its growing popularity also comes with challenges.  There’s an increase in sales of fake Auralite around the world especially in the online market. Please do make sure the source of your Auralite is trust worthy and do not be fooled by these scams. Here is a slide show of some of the fake Auralite being sold online. Auralite scams come mainly from China and India. Dishonest sellers are labeling other crystals that do not look at all the same as auralite and  selling them as authentic auralite. Do not fall prey to these scammers who often sell regular Amethyst or any other mineral that vaguely resembles Auralite. People who are interested in real Auralite Amethyst usually don’t mind paying the price because these stones are unique and very rare to find. This is why these predators are taking advantage of the situation and the lack of information on the subject. Therefore, it is our duty to inform costumers of the different scams going on out there so they don’t get taken advantage of. Your best weapons against these scams are to find a seller that you can trust and to do a bit of research on your product before purchasing it online.

Where Does Real Auralite Comes From?

Please remember that Auralite can only be found in one place in the world:  Canada. This is why we recommend not buying Auralite from a seller anywhere else in the world that is not from Canada, specially from China. However, even then, some Canadian companies also sell fake Auralite.  Ensure that you supplier is trust worthy. Please note that super 7 is from Brazil and it is not the same thing as auralite amethyst even though they do have some similarities.

How to Recognize Real & Fake Auralite?

The chevrons are a good way to tell if this stone is real Auralite. The more chevrons it has the older the crystal is and the more likely it is to be Auralite. You can also tell by the price. If you’re buying Auralite for an extremely low price that almost seems to be too good to be true, then your Auralite is most probably fake! Auralite is a very rare type of Amethyst with a high amount of inclusions that can only be found in Canada. Most of it is mined by hand by a few locals which results in very low amounts of this material being available to supply the world wide demand. This is the reason why Auralite prices tend to be more expensive than regular Amethyst or other crystals.

Another way of telling if your Auralite is real is by looking for inclusions along the Amethyst matrix. Most of the Auralite-23 is mainly purple since Amethyst is its main component. What makes Auralite special are its high amount of inclusions. Unfortunately, many times these inclusions are visible only by microscope. Nevertheless, frequently one can see one or two spots within the purple crystals (Amethyst) at the naked eye of black, silver, gold, red, green, white or clear colours. If your crystals has at least one of these inclusions it is a good sign. Keep in mind that Red tip Auralites are the ones which are highest in demand. They can easily be recognized due to large parts of the crystal being coated in a reddish-brown which is a mixture of Hematites, iron & bronze. Therefore, if you get an Auralite with a lot of red inclusions for a very low price, then you either got really lucky or scammed. Auralites with Red tips are quite rare and only come in 1 out of every 100. Therefore, it is very unlikely they will be turned into beads like in the pictures of the bracelet shown in the slides show of this article.

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  2. Good read! Thank you for educating us crystal lovers on false and authentic auralite. It’s unfortunate that there are people out there willing to sell fake crystals. I’ll definitely stick to shopping at your crystal dreams locations in downtown Montreal and Pierrefonds where you have natural, authentic crystals and products.

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