Amazonite Spiral Pendant

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What is Amazonite?

The name amazonite comes from the Amazon forest in reference to its green color. Amazonite is known for attracting positivity and opportunities in all aspects of life including; finance, love, business, relationships and gambling. This crystal has a strong connection with nature and it’s charged with positive vibrations. It emits very peaceful and soothing energies. It encourages open mindedness and compassion towards others. Amazonite heals the heart by reducing stress, sadness, irrational thoughts and anxiety. It balances emotions, tames hot tempers and calms the mind. It also encourages to let go of toxic emotions and thoughts such as: guilt, anger, jealousy, loneliness or depression. Amazonite is helpful in situations where it is difficult to express your emotions or the truth. This stone provides protection against gossiping, spread of rumors and people who want to take advantage of you. Amazonite also helps to resolve unfair work practices and to propel businesses towards success by attracting new customers. When combined with Aventurine, it can create a powerful magnet for positive energy, good luck and prosperity.



Product Description: One 100% natrual amazonite crystal pendant.

Average Dimensions: 5.50 cm Length x 1.2 cm Width x 1.20 cm Height.

Average Weight: 8 grams.

*Retail Purchase: You will receive ONE CRYSTAL PENDANT similar to the one in the pictures with almost identical dimensions to the ones mentioned above. Please note that because each gemstone is unique and natural there might be slight differences from the ones in the pictures. However, please rest assured the quality and authenticity will remain the same. All measurements are approximations. Authenticity & quality are 100% guaranteed.



Production Description: Price is by piece (Wholesale prices are only available to our official distributors).

*Wholesale Purchase: You will receive ONE CRYSTAL PENDANT per every quantity you add. In order to be able to see wholesale prices you will need to apply to become an official distributor.

Additional information

Weight .008 kg
Dimensions 2.16 × 0.47 × 0.47 in


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