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What is the “Animal Messengers” Book About?

We each feel connections to animals in our own way. Some of us have pets. Others admire animals in the wild. Because the outer world often reflects our internal states and animals are highly sensitive to our energies, each encounter with an animal signals something about our inner world and innermost concerns. The spontaneous, surprising contacts are the telling ones: a sparrow landing next to you, a fox darting across the road, or a bee alighting on your hand. However, even regular encounters with our pets can draw attention to our inner world and what needs to be thought over and grappled with, from psychic turmoil and relationship issues to spiritual growth and the deepest needs of the soul.

Providing sophisticated psychological insight into encounters with more than 145 animals, birds, reptiles insects, and aquatic life, Regula Meyer explores the messages each animal provides for us on a personal level when we encounter them. She explains how the meaning of each encounter depends on whether the animal was hunting, fleeing, hiding, or acting indifferent when sighted. For example, a fleeing animal is prompting you to pursue a subject consciously, while a hiding animal tells you to patiently observe something and draw insights from it.



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