Lemon Balm Herbs

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Lemon Balm Properties

Lemon balm has been used in many remedies since the Middle Ages to help soothe sleep and combat digestive disorders, as well pain stemming from menstrual cycles. Many herbalists even claim that Lemon Balm seems to have the ability to revitalize every part of the body! This is also one of the reasons why King Charles V and the Prince of Glamorgan, drank the tea every day. What is more astonishing, is that Prince Glamorgan even lived to be 108 years old! Indeed, Lemon balm is a very powerful herb but has a gentle taste. Moreover, this herb is so powerful that many herbalists have referred to it as “The Elixir of Life”. With its planetary rulers being Venus and the Moon, it’s no surprise that Lemon Balm is a very popular ingredient for love spells and magic potions. Its Folk name is Melissa Officinalis, which originated in the pre-Hellenic mythology where priestesses were named “Melissae”, meaning “bees”, and Aphrodite (the goddess of love and fertility) considered Melissa, the “Queen Bee” to be her sacred name.

Many believe Lemon Balm is a powerful herb for love, fertility, magic and healing. Some even claim that the ancient tradition of steeping Lemon Balm in wine, and sharing it with friends is said to form an unbreakable bond! Furthermore, Lemon balm is said to balance the heart chakra, lift your spirits and encourage you to pursue your emotional and financial goals. A great technique to harness the magical properties of this herb, is to write your intentions on a piece of paper, put in a sachet with some lemon balm, and carry it with you. This is believed to become a powerful talisman that can help you manifest your desires, especially the ones that are related to love and success. Since lemon balm is associated with the moon, it is ideal to perform this powerful ceremony during a new or full moon! Finally, Lemon balm can be used for a wide variety of treatments including; insomnia, depression, anxiety, fevers, heart spasms, high blood pressure, menstrual cramps, and as a digestive aid. Steep this herb in hot water for a potent tea to detox and to help rid your body of toxins.

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Product Description: One high quality bag of  Lemon Balm herbs that is 100% natural with no chemicals added.

Average Dimension: 7.5 cm Length  x 2 cm width x 15 cm height.

Average Weight: 20 grams.

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