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What is the “Old World Witchcraft” Book About?

In this book, noted author Raven Grimassi invites readers into his garden, where plant spirits dance in the moonlight and Shadow passes into every incantation. He goes beyond the romantic notions of what witches are or should do, arguing that many of our current ideas about witchcraft are based on misinformation. Using his vast knowledge of history and herbal lore, he offers the reader simple but powerful tools to make their own witchcraft.

For the first time, Grimassi introduces readers to a magical system (The Ash, Birch, and Willow) rooted in the initiatory teachings and understanding of Old Witchcraft. The use of the mortar and pestle as a spell casting tool and using plant ash for magical sigil work plus totally new information about familiar tools such as the witch’s wand and broom are all presented here to aid the modern witch in reconnecting with the organic memory of the earth and developing their own  understanding of spiritual botany.



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