The benefits of opal: learn about the magic of this precious stone

Do you want to know about the benefits of opal? At Crystal Dreams World we will tell you everything you need to know about this wonderful gemstone.

Although it is the birthstone of October, opal can also be adorned by those born in other months, mainly for its physical benefits or simply for its exquisite beauty.

The benefits of opal go beyond its colors. The red variety of the gemstone, known as fire opals, is said to bring joy, happiness, prosperity and health.

Fire opals are also believed to bring joy and happiness to the lives of those around us.

Fire opals will brighten your skin and make you look healthy.

One of the hardest things to decide when it comes to jewelry is which gemstone is best for you. 

With all the benefits of opal, it seems almost unwise not to own at least one piece. 

Opal gets its name from the Greek word opallos meaning “sober”. Although it was originally a stone used in religious ceremonies, it has become more accessible to all women. 

Here are some benefits of opal that may interest you.

¿What is opal? 

Opal is a colored gemstone, it is also associated with Venus and helps its wearer to obtain its benefits.  

Venus is closely related to both romance, luxury and the Sahasrara Chakra, which links the person to universal consciousness.

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Benefits of opal.

This wonderful  mineraloid has a great variety of benefits. Below, we will mention some of them:

It helps to increase self-awareness and gives the feeling of being enlightened.

The wearer experiences an increased ability to concentrate and becomes more receptive to his or her own thoughts. 

When meditating using this stone, a sense of expanded intuition is also experienced. 

These properties, coupled with its ability to enhance spiritual awareness, make opal one of the most sought-after gemstones for astrological compatibility worldwide. 

Benefits of opal: it has the following healing properties.

The purest thing about any gemstone is its ability to heal almost any problem related to the body, intellect, skin and sexuality.

It is said that the wearer of this gemstone has good luck.

One of the benefits of opal is that it helps relieve tension and stress.

It helps to stop headaches, hypertension and helps to lower stress levels. 

Opals are widely used in meditation and as a remedy for ailments.

The benefits of opal are also associated with its gold-like color.

It is considered that it gives luck to the wearer. 

In ancient times it was considered a sign of good fortune and was worn by royalty. 

They were even called “king’s gems”. However, in modern times, many opal jewels are mass-produced. 

In short, opal has a staggering amount of benefits for those who choose to incorporate it into their jewelry. 

It is said to be one of the most attractive gemstones in existence to the naked eye, and is often compared to diamonds and pearls in terms of its luster and color. 

When viewed under magnification, it appears to be many small stones together. 

Opal helps its wearer to obtain the benefits of Venus, as well as to receive the benefits of intuition.

While the benefits of opal serve to enhance personal awareness and growth, there are other benefits that are not commonly associated with this gemstone

Opal also represents longevity, fertility and the ability to successfully handle change. 

Although the various benefits of opal are quite extensive, perhaps its most notable attribute is its ability to help a person achieve a state of harmony, tranquility and general happiness. 

When the energy concentrated in a person is excessive or insufficient, the gemstone helps to balance that energy by attracting exactly the right amount of positive energy to the wearer. 

This is believed to be a form of protection against negative energies.

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