What is the Sri Yantra? Everything you need to know

Today we will enter into the wisdom of the Sri Yantra, a sacred symbol used by ancient wisdoms since the beginning of time for the practice of a full life.

The Sri Yantra has been used since the 7th century BC and appears in Indonesia. It is thought to be older and that its country of origin was in India.

In this article we will be able to access the knowledge of this sacred geometry and learn more about how to use the Sri Yantra.

The Sri Yantra is a model that symbolizes the form and power of Sakti, as well as the various stages of its manifestation; that is, of creation and the universe. The manifestation is represented by a point called Bindu.

Did you know that the Sri Yantra is known as the Yantra mother? The Sri Yantra is the most famous of all yantras.

This symbol is formed by nine triangles. Among them, five have their apex downwards and represent the female aspect of divinity and the other four represent the male aspect. The central point is the Bindu, which is the origin of all manifestation.

Bindu is the nucleus of concentrated energy and represents the dynamic aspects of the masculine and feminine that come together in one. The two essential aspects of existence.

The triangle is the basic form that composes this sacred code. It represents the strength, the power that gives unity, in this meaning enters the Holy Trinity, father, mother and son. A triangle will always represent the power of integration.

The Sri Yantra is known through Buddhism and Hinduism, although it appears in many ancient wisdoms, but how is it used? We tell you a little more about this wonderful wisdom.

How do you use the Sri Yantra?

All yantras are geometrical designs that are used as an aid in meditation and in the liberation of each being.

The Sri Yantra is a symbol that has been used for many years and is translated as “sacred instrument”.

It is used as a tool for meditation and contemplation that helps in spiritual liberation.

In order to take advantage of all the energy of the Sri Yantra, you can harmonize a room, either with fabric, painting with this design or with a sun trap; this will generate a space conducive to proper meditation.

When concentrated on a Sri Yantra, the mind begins to resonate with an energy attributed to the deity. This in itself is not obtained from the yantra, it is simply a tool for greater awareness.

The best place to place the Sri Yantra is in the northeast corner of the house. In this way it promotes prosperity, harmony and balance in the home.

You can sit relaxed and with your back straight in front of the Sri Yantra, within a distance of one meter. Observe the symbol without having any thoughts.

It is recommended to meditate for 20 to 40 minutes and practice daily to improve this practice.

Meditation has been practiced for many years for intellectual, religious, or health purposes.

Benefits of Sri Yantra

Meditation through the Sri Yantra will bring you satisfaction, tranquility and greater concentration.

When you manage to clear your mind, it generates a tranquility and balance in your energy and force. The Sri Yantra contains a very powerful and high frequency vibration.

By meditating on this sacred symbol, you can create an aura that protects your body and brings abundance into your life.

Among the health benefits, it improves emotional intelligence and strengthens the immune system. Among the most common are stress relief.

To reinforce meditation and concentration, you can use aromatic candles or incense.

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