6 benefits of opening the sacral chakra

Do you want to know how to open the sacral chakra and its benefits? At Crystal Dreams, Montreal’s most popular mineral store, we are experts on this topic. Read on to discover all about the sacral chakra and more.

The word chakra, in Sanskrit, means energy disc, and is used to represent the energy centers of our body. Centers that have the task of receiving and distributing the universal energy in our bodies.

There are seven main chakras, and each of them is associated with certain emotions, sensations, mental and spiritual functions. But, in this article, we will concentrate on only one: the second chakra.

Svadhisthana: the sacral chakra, is located at the level of the genitals and means “sweet” in Sanskrit. There are many emotional, physical and spiritual functions associated with this chakra, do you want to know them? Read on to discover them.

H2 1. Improve your sex life by opening the sacral chakra

The energy of the second chakra represents the sweet things in life, the ability to feel emotions such as desire, pleasure and sexuality. Its color is orange: symbol of positive emotions, success and inner harmony.

Svadhisthana energy is associated with the gonads: ovaries in women, testes in men, and is responsible for the health of the genitals, kidneys, bladder, prostate, circulatory system, teeth and bones.

When the energy of this chakra is well balanced we enjoy a healthy libido and also a greater ability to enjoy sexual experiences.

2. Improve your ability to adapt

This energy center is associated with the water element, which makes it responsible for regulating fluids in the body.

For example, blood circulation, like water, is able to adapt to any surface, allowing us to flow with life and adapt to change.

3. Opening the sacral chakra enhances creativity

If you are an artist or work in marketing, the proper flow in this energy center of our body, stimulates blood flow in the right hemisphere of the brain.

Hemisphere in charge of creativity, imagination and artistic expressions of our thoughts.

4. Relieve your back problems

The sacral chakra is located at the base of the back and is the physical response to imbalances in the back area.

This chakra allows you to relieve back pain by connecting with water, taking hot baths and swimming, and drinking lots of water and herbal teas.

In addition, with the right crystals, you can also facilitate this flow of energy and recovery of balance.

5. Opening the sacral chakra improves your emotional body.

This chakra is linked to the will to feel emotions, feelings and the perception of oneself. When there is an energetic stagnation, it means that you have an emotional blockage.

It is possible to continuously evaluate one’s personal strength towards the external environment and its physical forces such as sex, money, various drugs or people. This energy maintains one’s ability to interact with these vicissitudes of life without falling into missteps.

6. Maintains good health

At the physical level, an imbalance of this chakra can lead to: vaginismus, urinary tract infections, ovarian cysts, menstrual and testicular disorders, prostate problems, etc.

On an emotional level, the imbalance leads to physical violence and verbal aggressions; detachment, coldness, rejection, etc.

On the contrary, a balanced second chakra keeps a person happy with his interpersonal relationships, and healthy in his genital region.

Chakras are energy centers located along the spine that act as a portal connecting a person to the energy of the universe.

Knowing the significance of each chakra allows you to use the energy to find the path to greater personal wellness.

The sacral chakra is blocked when you feel dissatisfied and unable to express yourself freely and have problems in relationships. Stimulation of the second chakra is done through whirlpools, water exercises and back stretches.

In addition, you can also purchase the stones designed to facilitate this energy flow and balance improvement.