Green fluorite: meaning and properties

Green fluorite is one of the most popular stones on our planet. Its properties are used not only in esoteric or alternative medicine, but also in a much more realistic way: in the medicinal industry.

This rock, composed mainly of calcium fluoride, is made of several crystals, whose structure, according to esotericists, is the most symmetrical that exists, speaking from a three-dimensional view.

In ancient Egypt, amulets were made and statues of gods and goddesses were carved with it. Then, in ancient Rome, it was used to produce valuable everyday objects, as well as talismans and vases used in various ceremonies.

It was precisely the Romans who gave it its final name. The word fluorite comes from the combination of “fluere”, which means “to flow”, and the term “fluorescent”.

But, leaving aside its scientific properties, why is this stone considered so special? In this article we will teach you the meaning and properties of green fluorite.

Meaning of green fluorite

Fluorite, also known as the Stone of Genius, represents freedom of expression. It is a crystal studied to understand the phenomenon of fluorescence.

It has a cubic crystal system and is part of the halide family. It occurs naturally in various shades of color.

This is precisely why it is known as the most colorful mineral in the world: it is mined in violet, green, yellow, blue, pink, red, white, brown, black and multicolored.

This stone is very powerful from a spiritual point of view, because it promotes freedom of thought.

It symbolizes the balance between heaven and earth, that is, between dream and reality, and allows you to keep your feet and mind on the ground.

It leads to a correct self-awareness, managing to show the uncertainties and negativities coming from the outside to be able to see everything clearly. It gives the ability to make decisions following our innermost desires.

The stone is considered a natural antiviral, a stone that stimulates the immune system. It can be said that, in general, it reduces inflammations, especially those of the skin and respiratory tract.

Therefore, it is considered the protective amulet for those who work with infected patients. In addition, it reduces osteoporosis, dental and bone problems, pain associated with arthritis, gout and rheumatism.

Finally, it has been found to alleviate mental problems, intervene in brain wave disorders and can be a useful stone when there are balance problems and dizziness.

Properties of green fluorite

There are many qualities attributed to this mineral. According to people who deal with esotericism, its greatest potential is the ability to generate energy from water, and as a result of this power it manages to form many effects.

At the mental level

It is able to strengthen thought processes, increase the ability to assimilate information, improve concentration and, finally, help to understand both sequential relationships and issues that elude the average human mind, including those that cannot be explained logically.

On an introspective level

It is known as the Stone of Genius because it allows to relieve the brain from the excess of the flood of negative thoughts and also helps to carry an intense mental effort. It is recommended for people with a heavy stress load in their work.

At the level of character

Because of its ordered structural composition, this stone introduces harmony and peace into the environment.

The fact that it also has the ability to quickly and effectively relieve an overloaded nervous system, means that it should be used by people who show excessive nervousness and tendency to aggression on a daily basis.

In addition, it makes it possible to cope with excess chaotic energy. It has a refreshing and purifying effect, just as spring renews everything after winter.

It can be used to heal emotional traumas and their effects; it eliminates negative elements and leaves space for new luminous energies; it brings information from the subconscious and helps to access intuition.

On a psychological level

Green fluorite is the ideal stone for people with a more scientific perception of their reality. It promotes intellectual assimilation and offers a more logical and rational thinking.

It is often placed in the office to encourage concentration and Cartesian thinking. It is also an exceptional stone for meditation as it allows for maximum mental ascent.

It is a great help in complex or problematic situations that can be resolved in a non-violent manner.

Nowadays, green fluorite is one of the most used stones in crystal therapy, for its many properties and for the benefits it brings to the mind and spirit.

As a mineral has a perfect internal structure and perhaps that is why it manages to give calm and stability in the life of the one who wears it. It brings balance and concentration, improves the attitude and allows to work better on oneself.

Now that you know more about the meaning and properties of green fluorite, be sure to visit our website to buy the crystal you need.