Amethyst Meaning: The Stone of Peace

Crystal Dreams Article - Amethyst: The Stone of Peace. Get To Know More About The Stone And It's Healing Properties.

Amethyst has been used for metaphysical reasons since antiquity, starting with the ancient Egyptians and Greeks for protection against ailments. Moving into Medieval times, it was used to keep soldiers level-headed. Now, Amethyst is used to enhance love, creativity, positive change, and perceptiveness, amongst many other metaphysical properties.

My personal experience with Amethyst pertains to travel. I took a coming-of-age trip to Rome for two weeks at the ripe age of eighteen. Amethyst is known to help with perception and protection while travelling, I took it with me in hopes it would keep me safe. Those fourteen days were magical, I felt I had been seeing the world through a veil and it was aptly removed while I was holding my Amethyst crystal. Being in a new place is exciting, yet my perception of my surroundings was always kept clear, unhindered from the excitement. I felt peaceful and protected for the duration of my trip, the many setbacks I experienced did not phase me, anything that hindered my trip seemed that it was meant to happen in order to keep me safe. On my way there, everyone boarded the plane, and after a long wait we were asked to return to the airport: there was a problem with the plane. I absolutely feel that the Amethyst gem helped me in that time and assured my safe arrival. This all increased my love for Amethyst and pushed me to use it more in my meditations.

I always use Amethyst while meditating, it helps clear my mind and banishes evils. It helps me achieve internal balance and brings harmony to my mind and body. Amethyst has been used for thousands of years to give its user a connection to the Divine, that in itself brings my meditations to another level of consciousness. After meditating with Amethyst, my spirits are lifted, my anxiety is reduced, I sleep better at night, and I have good dreams.

Amethyst is widely used to increase creativity, calm fears, and encourage inner strength. It is related to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, where it is used to loosen mind blocks and help memory. This stone is closely related to faithful love, being the stone of Saint Valentine.

“Every single one of us is a unique vibration in a beautiful symphony of infinite creation.” 

Gordana Biernat

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  1. Amethyst is my favourite crystal! It’s also my birthstone 🙂 Both your stores, in downtown Montreal and Pierrefonds have a beautiful selection of Amethyst and other crystals.

  2. I have a large piece of Amethyst that I bought from your West Island crystal store and I keep it on my desk at work right now. It’s said to help reduce stress and anxiety and that’s exactly what I programmed it for! Work gets crazy sometimes but my Amethyst keeps me calm 🙂 Thank you Crystal Dreams!

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