The Ancient Science of Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry
The Golden Ratio

In art, the Golden Ratio is taught at a young age. It is a mathematical ratio found throughout nature, ancient art, and historical teachings. Also known as Divine Proportion, the Golden Ratio is Sacred Geometry shining into the science fields. Looking at plants, have you ever noticed that the leaves get larger and larger from the centre out? This is a great example of “Divine Proportion” at work. Sacred Geometry is the study of phenomena like that, as well as other patterns and shapes.

Why is Sacred Geometry Important?

Sacred Geometry has been studied since ancient times, it was thought to be an insight into the mind of the gods. Many numbers have a special meaning within religion, this also derives from Sacred Geometry teachings. The Flower of Life is a classic representation of Sacred Geometry and mirrors many cathedrals, temples, and pyramids. Nowadays, most people know about Mandalas, which are drawings of Sacred Geometry. These were very important for ancient Hindu and Buddhist peoples, they felt that they were tools of enlightenment and still use them today as such.

Where Can you find Sacred Geometry?

Some interesting instances of Sacred Geometry are easily found in succulent growth, ammonite fossils, ancient architecture, mandalas, labyrinths, crop circles, and medicine wheels. Within the spiritual community, Crystal Grids are used for programming crystals.

What Does Sacred Geometry Mean?

Most Sacred Geometry drawings and kits of healing crystals include the Five Platonic Shapes, which are sacred shapes with sides, angles, and faces of the exact same size. These represent unity and balance. The other shapes included are Archimedean Solids, which are very close to being perfectly equal but are not. They represent the becoming of Platonic Solids.

Usages of Sacred Geometry

The uses of Sacred Geometry are endless, whether it be to study it,  to meditate with it, or to become more enlightened by it. Every facet of it can become more and more complex, or bring you to realization and peace.

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence”

-Rabindranath Tagore

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  1. Sacred geometry is indeed endless! I’ve always enjoyed creating mandalas, maybe my spirit is trying to show or tell me something! My most recent metaphysical project is creating a crystal grid like you mentioned above, I’m trying to program my crystals to get the best outcome from them 🙂

    Thank you Crystal Dreams for a fascinating article once again!

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