Boost the Energy of Your Crystal Through Cleansing

Crystals are one of the most special gifts from Mother Earth. After cooking the crystals in her womb for thousands of years and filling them with energy, Mother Earth gave humanity crystals to help them achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Indeed, crystals are beautiful and powerful tools that provide protection from negative energy, repel evil- eye, strengthen self love, and attract prosperity. Crystals also encourage compassion and to care for others. When you carry a crystal, it cleanses your energy field, raises your vibration and brings inner peace.

It is important to be aware that your crystal, from time to time, must also release the dense energies that it absorbs. Otherwise, the crystal’s energy can weaken when it enters a dormant state, resulting in a reduction of efficiency. To keep a crystal clear from negativity and working efficiently, you can purify your stone by using one of the following methods:


When speaking of cleansing a crystal, it does not mean to remove any stains or dust that it may have at a physical level, but rather to free it from bad energies and vibrations that it may harbor at an energetic level. Therefore, exposing your crystals to the moonlight is a very effective method for cleansing your crystals. You can put your crystal near a balcony or window inside your house, it is not necessary to leave it outdoors, the most important is that the energy of the moon reaches it, allowing it to recharge the crystal.

Many people wait until the full moon to cleanse their crystals, but the truth is that they can be cleansed at any lunar phase, although doing so during a full moon enhances their properties. The moonlight cleansing is particularly ideal for light-colored crystals that might lose their color and shine when exposed to the sun ( Amethyst, rose quartz, etc).

Sea water

Sea water is excellent for cleansing and recharging crystals and gems, as it contains all the necessary trace elements. When you go to the beach, you can submerge your crystals in the water with you to cleanse them while focusing on the intention that you’re trying to manifest.

If the sea is too far from home, you can also use water with natural salt (it is better if you use sea salt). To do this, place a layer of salt in a container, then place the crystals you want to cleanse on top of it and add water until the crystals are submerged. You can leave your crystals there for a few minutes or overnight, depending on how long you feel that it’s necessary. Salt water will remove all the negative energies and leave your crystals ready for you to use.

Water flow

Crystals absorb energy from various life forces such as; water, fire, air, earth and love. Therefore, to cleanse a crystal you can also use a stream of water, such as a river or a small stream (preferably coming from a natural source). However, in a worst case scenario, you can also use tap water. Nevertheless, it is preferred that you give the crystals a deeper cleansing when you get a chance. Once you submerge the crystal in the water, try to focus your attention on cleansing it. In other words, try you visualize that the negative energy is abandoning the crystal as if it is being washed in the current of water. You will notice that after a few minutes, the crystal will regain its original shine and glow again. If you decide to use this method, you must be careful with crystals that can get damaged when in contact with water, such as selenite, salt lamps and desert rose.

Contact with the earth

Returning your crystals back to their source of origin (the earth) is a great technique to help them recharge. This is why one of the best ways to purify the energy of your crystals is by burying them in the earth for a few hours or days. Burying them in a pot next to a plant will also allow the energy of the crystals to favor the plant’s wellbeing. One way to get the most out of this practice is to leave the crystals buried in the ground for several hours to a few days. If you don’t want to bury your crystals, you can also simply put them among the roots of a tree and leave the crystals exposed to the sun or under the shade of the tree.

Finally, remember to avoid touching a crystal that is not yours without permission. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but you must be aware that you might transmit your energy to the stone and the owner of the crystal might have to cleanse it again. If you would like to purchase protective crystals and be filled with the energy they provide, contact the best crystal store in Quebec: Crystal Dreams.

Crystal Dreams offers a wide variety of crystals from all corners of the globe. Go to and choose the crystal that’s right for you. Please remember that Crystals provide universal healing, so don’t waste them! If you ever feel like disposing of a crystal that you feel has fulfilled its mission, try the following technique. Simply hold the crystal in your hands and fill it with thoughts and prayers of love. Then bury it in the ground as a gesture of gratitude and homage to the earth. This technique is a powerful way of sending energy of love to mother earth who desperately needs it in these harsh times.

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