Amethyst, a Must Have Crystal!

Amethysts are one of the most valued and sought after crystals thanks to their exuberant beauty, mysticism and their transformative metaphysical properties; especially their capacity for eliminating negative energy. However, did you know there are many incredible legends that surround this stone? In this article, we will tell you some of the most interesting mystical tales that you should know about this purple crystal.

The Origins of Amethyst: Tales and Folklore

There is a lot of folklore around how amethysts acquired its powers in this world. In this article, we will focus on two of the most fascinating legends in ancient greek mythology. The first legend begins in the mythological city of Atlantis; a land filled with magic, mystery and great scientific advancements. As narrated in the tales by the famous philosophers Plato and Aristotle from ancient Greece, the Atlantean civilization was characterized by its profound wisdom and advanced technology. The inhabitants of Atlantis knew that there was a higher power, which was responsible for giving them life. Their society was not only very advanced technologically, but it also very advanced spiritually. The legends claim that this society was so advanced and knowledgeable, that they knew how to effectively harness the power of crystals in order to raise their standards of living. Some even claim they even had “guardian crystals” that protected the Earth and its people.

Unfortunately, it is believed that somewhere along the way, Atlantis fell stray from the path and became consumed by greed and power. Even the tales cannot agree on what truly caused the downfall of Atlantis, but some believe that a small civil war broke out in the upper chains of command; causing confusion, terror and havoc. This event ultimately led to a major catastrophe where Atlantis sank to the bottom of the sea. Some claim that it was the Great Spirit of the Universe itself that decided to put an end to Atlantis, for it knew that so much wisdom mixed with human greed could only lead to disaster.

During the final moments of this mighty civilization, it is believed that some of the wisest people in Atlantis realized that something very unfortunate was about to happen to humanity: the complete loss of centuries of knowledge and wisdom. So they got together and made a radical decision; they sacrificed their lives and locked their souls, wisdom, power and knowledge inside crystals scattered all around the world. They mainly used gemstones such as amethyst and lemurian quartz in order to store their information and keep it safe until another highly advanced civilization would be able to retrieve and decode it. This was an action of unconditional love and ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to help and guide the next generations of human beings who would later populate the earth.

It is believed that the wise masters of Atlantis chose amethyst and the lemurian quartz because they were “the stones of dreams” and could safely store infinite amounts of information for millions of years until they could be then passed on to a person who finds them and knows how to work with them. In other words, the crystals were used as a sanctuary by the Masters of Atlantis to rest until someone with the consciousness required could then access all the information, knowledge and power recorded inside the gemstones. The Atlanteans strongly believed that the wisdom they had acquired through thousands of years could be transmitted through these crystals to the people who will use them. The way this transfer of knowledge works, is that this information is released upon the people who carry the crystals in the form of “small drops of information” that will enter the conscious and subconscious mind over a period of time. The information is passed to the carrier of the stone in small amounts not to overwhelm the carrier and ensure the messages are not misunderstood. This information often manifests in the carrier of the stone as; ideas, visions or values that are so subtle, that the carrier might think they originated in his own mind.

The second story from greek mythology goes back to ancient Greece as well. The story claims that during a feast in honor of Dionysus (The god of wine, intoxication, celebration, ecstasy, madness and joy) he decided to unleash his wrath on all mortals who did not want to drink his “wine” and refuse to follow his command. Among those mortals was a very pure young woman named Amethyst, who had come to pay tribute to the goddess Diana. As expected, Amethyst refused to get “intoxicated” and follow Dionysus’ commands, which angered Dionysus, who released an attack to destroy the woman. Amethyst, frightened, prayed to Diana for help, who then quickly transformed her into a pure white crystal to protect her from the ferocity of Dionysus.

When the god of celebration saw the young woman turned into a crystal, he realized the cruelty of his actions and began to cry with sadness, but he did not realize that his tears fell into his glass of wine. When Dionysus was near the crystal, he poured his wine on it as a gesture of offering an apology. It was at that moment, that the crystal became a beautiful, wine-colored amethyst with that magnificent purple color we now know today. This story represents quite well the marriage between the yin and yang and how the crystals reflect this in perfect harmony. Thus bringing perfect balance into a person’s life.

A Crystal for Inner Peace

Amethyst crystals have been shown to be ideal for healing emotions; if you’ve had a painful experience, such as the loss of a loved one, an amethyst crystal will help you regain peace and tranquility, as well as give you emotional stability and inner strength. Many shamans also believe that Amethyst is a very protective stone; if an amethyst you are carrying breaks, it means the crystal has sacrificed itself for you, to protect you from a negative energy force.

If you don’t have any amethyst crystals yet, remember that it is never too late to get them. Even if you have other types of crystals, an amethyst will help you maximize the benefits of using other stones. One place where you can find crystals from all over the world is at Crystal Dreams. The store offers a large variety of crystals such as quartz, aventurine, jade, hematite, black tourmaline, amazonite, obsidian, rose quartz, and of course, amethyst. Visit our website to learn more. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this article. May you find peace and tranquility with the help of an amethyst!

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  1. Hello I came across your article. I must say for some reason I always fought my attraction to amethyst because it reminds me of someone. Boy. Was I a fool. Reading a must have amethyst. I understand now why it keeps crossing my path. I thank you for your indepted information. I will now search for my Amethyst.

  2. I bought an auralite amethyst in Africa in 1976. I kept it in a jewelry box about 12 years until I felt compelled to make a pendant out of. I have been wearing it since and have since bought a polished one from Crystal Dreams which I wear with my original one. I am convinced it is taking me to a higher vibrational frequency. It is not coincidental that I am a Pisces and amethyst is my birthstone! Richard Forcht

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