Crystals and Science: Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Science & Crystals

Crystals and gemstones have captivated people’s imaginations for centuries. During our history, many civilizations have been puzzled by the beautiful shapes, colours and mysteries of crystals. These beautiful gems grow naturally deep inside the earth and it takes hundreds of thousands of years for these stones to reach their perfect form.

This is why Crystals are also refer to as the flowers of the earth. They grew from the earth and came into this world to bring beauty and good energies around them. Crystals are more powerful than what we can possible imagine. They have been on this earth for millions of years and they will be here long after we’re gone. Why have crystals captivated our imagination since the beginning 
of time? Do crystals have energy or any hidden powers?

If you think Crystals do not emit energies this video might make reconsider. Crystal are more powerful than what humans can possible imagine. They have been here for millions of years and have reached what we can call a perfect form. They can store, receive and emit energies.

In this video from 1964, The United States air force analyses how crystals are used to create an oscillator circuit which can produce a frequency with very good stability. Having a frequency with good stability is  very important. Without frequency stability the signal of radio stations can interfere with other radio stations operating on a nearby frequency.

If crystals can have such an impact on the frequency of radio waves, Imagine what it can do a person.  People are constantly emitting signals with their thoughts . The human soul in constantly vibrating and creating a frequency with their thoughts (consciously our subconsciously).  That’s why is very important to be aware of your thoughts and avoid thinking negative.If you think negative all the time, you will attract that frequency into your life and it will become your reality. If you think positive, you reach a higher quality frequency and your dreams start becoming true.  People use crystals to intensify their positive frequency with their thoughts. Crystals can help you create a more clear, positive, stronger and precise frequency to help you achieve your goals.

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  1. It’s mind-blowing to know that such beautiful pieces were formed by Mother Earth! To think that it took millions of years to form and create the pieces that I’ve purchased from your crystal stores in Montreal is such a beautiful thing, we really take for granted what Earth has to offer and supply us. I feel good knowing that your business admires and cherishes such beautiful natural pieces!

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