FREE Crystals and Sound Healing Workshop in Montreal

Crystals Dreams FREE Crystals & Sound Healing Workshop In Montreal

We invite you to come join Crystal Dreams’ FREE seminar about gemstones and singing bowls in Montreal, Canada. Discover the power of crystals, sounds, vibration and energy that can bring you into alignment with your natural state of well being.

This event is one of the most awaited seminars in Montreal, Quebec and the seminar will be held at the ”Harmony Hall” located in the West Island of Montreal which includes FREE parking and entrance on April 22, 2017. During this event, you will be able to purchase a large variety of crystals, jewelry, gems, singing bowls, incenses, essential oils and souvenirs.


–  14100 Boul Pierrefonds, Montreal H9A 1A8

Date & time:

– Saturday, April 22, 2017, at 7:00 PM

Sarah Surrenders; Our Special Guest Speaker of The Night.

Sarah Surrenders works with the power of sound, vibration, frequency and energy to bring people into alignment, back into their natural state of true resonance. Having healed her self both physically and emotionally on her own path, she now has been serving others by reminding them of their own capacity to heal. Sarah does this by bringing in the appropriate sacred sounds, chants and vibrations. She combines and merges various energetic/healing modalities: Sound Healing, Shamanic Studies, Reiki, aromatherapy and crystal healing. Sarah has trained over 40 sound healing students all over Canada. She incorporates Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Crystal Harp, Gongs, Tuning Forks, Rattles, Space Drums, frame drum and chanting into her sessions.

Crystal Dreams’ Events

Our international shop has been organizing FREE events which have become extremely popular in Montreal and always reach an attendance of 100 guests per event (full house). We welcome our guests to arrive early (5:45 pm) if they wish to purchase any crystal or souvenirs before the main events. During our seminars, we give an introduction the world of gemstones:

– The origins and properties of the most popular stones
– How to use and program your crystal
– Energies, frequencies and vibrations
– Science and Crystals

Reserve Now

Limited places available! All previous events have been completely booked in the past. Don’t wait until last minute to reserve your place. To reserve your place or more information please contact us:

– (514 ) 804-0603

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