How to Program Your Crystals?

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After you choose and cleanse your crystal or gemstone, it is a good idea to program it. The purpose of programming a crystal or gemstone is to focus its energies on a specif goal that you want. A crystal or stone that is programmed becomes more powerful and useful. If we do not program our crystals, it is similar to getting on a boat and telling the captain: “Take me anywhere”… and That is exactly where we will end up. The purpose of programming a gemstone is to focus its energies on A specific goal that you want.

Try to be as precise as possible by setting deadlines, how much you want, when do you want it, where do you want, what it looks like & why you want it. Don’t worry about the “how”. “How” is often a word that people who are realistic love to throw around. But more important than how, is to dream and to take action. The rest will fall into place as you go. This is known as making the jump and having faith that the universe will provide. As Martin Luther king Jr. said: “We do not need to see the whole stair case to take the first step”. Indeed,faith is all we need. Remember that the only limitations are those we set ourselves or we permit others to set up for us.

When a crystal is programmed, it becomes more powerful and useful. To program your crystal, hold the crystal in your hand, try to sense its energy and allow it to flow through your body. Then think about what you want to achieve and try to be as precise as possible. You can do this while meditating or simply by concentrating on what you want to program into the crystal; it could be a new job, good health, attract love, abundance, your dream home and so on. Try to see a visual image of exactly what you want and try to imagine how it feels to have it.

You can also repeat positive affirmations to yourself. State in your mind that the stone will help you to achieve your goal. Make all your affirmations in the present form. For example: “Every day I gain more wealth, everyday I grow stronger, every day I get closer to my goal”. Once a crystal is programmed, it will hold its intent until it is accomplished or it is reprogrammed.

Although crystals are not animate, stones are living things that have energies and a life-force. When we consciously work with crystal we can accomplish anything that the mind can imagine. Crystals have been helpful in improving memory, helping plants to grow, healing animals, contacting spirit guides, and awaking your intuition ( the language of the universe).

Just by keeping your crystal near you or in your environment, you will begin to notice subtle changes in your life that will add up with time. Tumbled stones or small crystals can easily be carried in your pockets & they can greatly enhance & improve your quality of life. The gemstones should be kept on the left side of the body. Remember to be patient & disciplined enough to work with your crystals as often as possible and to have faith in the process.

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  1. I sit down with all of my crystals and program each and every one of them! I find it so important to give each of my crystals an intention to make them work better 🙂 All of my crystals are from your crystal boutiques in Montreal! I’m your #1 fan 😉

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