Crystals and Gemstones Canada

Cristaux et pierres précieuses Canada

Looking to buy crystals at retail or wholesale quantities in Canada?

Crystal Dreams is Canadian crystal store specialized in the sale of crystals, gemstones, minerals, precious stones, semi precious stones, health supplements and many other natural products. This crystal shop is located in the west island of Montreal in the province of Quebec, Canada. However, Crystal Dreams operates at an international level trading gemstones, crystals and many more gems across the world. Crystal Dreams is an online store that ships all around the world.

Today, Crystal Dreams is quickly becoming the #1 crystal store for Canadians & people from around the globe who are interested in high quality and natural products.  Crystal Dreams is becoming a well known business thanks to its competitive prices, large inventory and outstanding costumer service.

Crystal Dreams has costumers and suppliers from all around the world including USA, Belgium, France, Greece, Thailand, Burma, Singapore, Japan, China, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Africa, Germany, England, Ireland, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Asia, Latin America, Europe & much more!

Some of our most Popular Products are; Auralite Crystals, Tiger Eye, Blood stone, Amethyst, Citrine, Selenite, Salt lamps, Malachite, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Emeralds, Crystal Skulls, Agate, Chaga Mushrooms, essential oils, tibetan singing bowls, salt lamps and many more.

If you are visiting or live in Montreal, Canada, come see visit our 3 locations : in Pierrefonds, St-Denis or Laval. . If you’re not in Montreal feel free to check out our online store! We ship world wide and we offer the most competitive prices in the Market!

Thank you,

-The Crystal Dreams Team

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  1. I’ve been to your crystal stores many times! I think I visit your shop at least once a month…. I’m addicted! Your business has grown so much in the last couple years, congratulations! I have many of the crystals listed above in this article; amethyst, black tourmaline, tiger eye, citrine, rose quartz and I have many more! Your crystal shops are beautiful and I recommend for everyone to make a visit to your west island location in Pierrefonds or even downtown Montreal!

  2. Thanks for the info! I will definetly visit your crystal store in Montreal! I live near the shop in St-denis

  3. It always makes me think about life whenever I read about spirituality and the esoteric. I hope you’ll make more posts like this one.

  4. I have been looking for a crystal store in Canada for so long. I live in Alberta but I still order from your website 🙂

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