Amethyst + Aquamarine Pendant Sterling Silver

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Amethyst Properties & Meaning

Amethyst is one of the most interesting aspects about amethyst is that it encourages positive changes and habits in a person’s life. It can progressively raise your frequency and vibration over time, by producing positive effects in your life which can result in a shift from negative to positive, while awakening your consciousness to the spiritual world. Another remarquable trait from this semi precious stone is that it encourages change while providing support during difficult situations and transitions. Amethyst is also ideal to overcome addictions, bad habits, illusions and deeply rooted fears because  It encourages you to let go of what no longer serves you and to move on when it’s necessary. Due to its strong healing and calming energies, this stone is highly appreciated among people who work in counseling, coaching, energy healing, nursing,  and any professions based on offering support to others. 


Aquamarine Properties & Meaning

Aquamarine is a powerful healer for emotional wounds and broken spirits. It helps to balance emotions, calms overactive minds, relieves stress, eliminates hate, dispels fears, cools down anger, combats phobias and traumas. It brings psychological stability and cleanses the body, mind and aura. It helps to reconnect with your higher self, receive wisdom and to see the truth for what it really is. Aquamarine is ideal to enhance public speaking, self-expression, confidence and communication skills. It is a powerful crystal to aid one in overcoming the fear of public speaking and expressing your truth into this reality. It does this by bringing peace, serenity and reducing anxiety when you’re trying to speak your truth.



Product Description: One amethyst  & aquamarine pendant 100% natural

Average Dimension: 2 cm Length x 0.9 cm Width x 6 cm Height

Average Weight: 7 grams

*Retail Purchase: You will receive ONE ITEM similar to the one in the pictures with almost identical dimensions to the ones mentioned above. Please note that because each gemstone is unique and natural there might be slight differences from the ones in the pictures. However, please rest assured that the quality and authenticity will remain the same. All measurements are approximations. Authenticity & quality are 100% guaranteed.



Product Description: Price is per single unit (wholesale prices are only available to our official distributors).

*Wholesale Purchase: You will receive ONE ITEM per every quantity you add. In order to be able to see wholesale prices you will need to apply to become an official distributor.

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