Angelite Palm Stone

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Angelite Properties & Meaning

This is a relatively new crystal in the mineral world, it was first found in 1987 in Peru. This stone is also known as Anhydrite. It’s name comes from its high vibration which enables you to communicate with higher entities such as; spirit guides, angels, totems and pure energy forms. This stone is ideal for communication as it stimulates the Throat Chakra. It helps you to express yourself verbally and to better communicate with those around you. This stone helps you feel more calm, peaceful and focused in the present moment. It creates a sensation of oneness with everything around you. Angelite is formed from the crystal Celestite which can explain all the similarities. This crystal will also amplify your psychic abilities and connection to the source. You should avoid putting Angelite in water as it can damage the stone. Angelite works with the Throat Chakras and it is an Aquarius birthstone.



Product Description: One 100% Authentic High Quality Angelite Palm Stone.

Average Dimensions: 5.2 cm Length x 4.2 cm Width x 2 cm Height 

Average Weight: 94 grams

*Retail Purchase: You will receive ONE CRYSTAL similar to the one in the pictures with almost identical dimensions to the ones mentioned above. Please note that because each gemstone is unique and natural there might be slight differences from the ones in the pictures. However, please rest assured the quality and authenticity will remain the same. All measurements are approximations. Authenticity & quality are 100% guaranteed.



Product Description: Price is per kilogram (Please note that wholesale prices are hidden and are only revealed to our official distributors).

*Wholesale Purchase: The price is by kilogram and you will receive ONE KILOGRAM per every quantity you add. In order to be able to see wholesale prices you will need to apply to become an official distributor. Please note the minimum quantity order for wholesale for this item is one kilogram.

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