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What is the “Animal Magic” Book About?

Gordon Smith is well known for giving powerful messages from people’s loved ones on the other side. Very often its not just human friends and family who come through – The animals who have been close to us in life also continue to visit us after death.

In this extraordinary book, Gordon recounts sone of the remarkable experiences that people have had with animals in the spirit world and in our world. They include moving accounts of dogs who know intuitively when their owners are coming home, pets who saved their owners’ lives, and animals who have found ways of proving they are still with their families after death. Throughout the book, Gordon shares his own experiences with his springer spaniel “Cheeky” Charlie, who came into his life unexpectedly, completely overturning it and showing Gordon the beauty of trust, patience, and unconditional love.

Through these amazing stories, Gordon shows just how deeply animals care for their human families and the profound understanding they have of the world around them.



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