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What is the “Astrology and Relationships” Book About?

Most of the advice you’ve read about astrological relationships covers the same ideas over and over. Libra gets along well with Leo, Aries clashes with Capricorn, and so on. But there’s one problem: people are not that simple, and neither are relationships.

Using the power and wisdom of the planets, this revised edition of Astrology and Relationships uncovers the secrets to improving all your relationships. It addresses the complexities of real connections by revealing the essential nature, needs, strengths, and challenges of each sign. Explore unique exercises to help you increase self-understanding and manifest the true potential of your relationships. Discover ideas and techniques that have been tried, tested, and refined so that they’re easy to integrate into daily living. Drawing on experiences and knowledge gained from working with thousands of people, David Pond presents a program that has been proven to work, not just in theory but also in real life.



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    • David Poulin

    Never thought astrology would’ve saved my relationship! The Astrology and Relationships Book opened my eyes to new thinking and problem solving.

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