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What is “Crystal Magic” Book About?

Strengthen your connection with the natural world as you learn to incorporate the power of crystals and gemstones into your magical practice. This comprehensive, full-colour book is exquisitely designed to be both user-friendly and a gorgeous addition to your bookshelf. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to effectively work with crystals, from the history, science, and magic of the mineral kingdom to an encyclopedic list of nearly 200 varieties of stones.

Explore numerous ways to grow your knowledge and skills, including details on buying and preparing stones, magical associations by color, and astrological influences. Discover a new, powerful form of crystal grid and which stone is best for a specific goal. With more than 200 color photographs and convenient guides to correspondences, associated deities, and more. Crystal magic will serve as a timeless, indispensable reference.



Product Description: One “Crystal Magic” book by Sandra Kynes.

Average Dimension: 23.5 cm Length x  19.2 cm Width x  1.5 cm Height.

Average Weight: 751 grams.

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