Aventurine Crystal Pendant

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Aventurine Properties & Meaning

Known as the lucky charm, it helps manifest money, prosperity, it heals emotional wounds, attracts love and brings overall good luck especially in love, competitions & gambling. It also eradicates fear and stress while balancing emotions. It stimulates positive thinking and feelings of independence. This crystal can become a very powerful good luck magnet. This crystal is believed to protect travellers. It may also be placed on top of your computer to dispel negative energies. It also helps to overcome fear of time & aging by reminding us that time is just an illusion. This stone teaches ancient wisdom in a gentle manner. This crystal can be used to stimulate the Heart Chakra and it is an Aries birthstone.



Product Description: One 100% authentic high quality Aventurine crystal pendant (chain not included).

Average Dimensions: 3.4 cm Length x 0.5 cm Width x 0.4 cm Height.

Weight: 4 grams.

*Retail Purchase: You will receive ONE CRYSTAL PENDANT similar to the one in the pictures with almost identical dimensions to the ones mentioned above. Please note that because each gemstone is unique and natural there might be slight differences from the ones in the pictures. However, please rest assured the quality and authenticity will remain the same. All measurements are approximations. Authenticity & quality are 100% guaranteed.



Production Description: Price is per single unit. Please note that wholesale prices are only available to our official distributors.

*Wholesale Purchase: You will receive ONE PENDANT per every quantity you add. In order to be able to see wholesale prices you will need to apply to become an official distributor.


Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 1.34 × 0.2 × 0.157 in
PPV 001

1 review for Aventurine Crystal Pendant

    • Johnathan Greeves

    I bought this crystal necklace for my daughter as a birthday present. She loves it so much that she wears it every day and says it’s her good luck charm. I am very grateful for the awesome customer service I received at the Pierrefonds store in the West Island.; they really helped me decide what would be the best gift.

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