Moon Phase Astrology Book

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What is the “Moon Phase Astrology” Book About?

The Moon’s ever changing phases offer a way to deepen our understanding of our natal Moon sign as well as the Moon’s day-to-day influence on our emotional tides. Through it’s 8 phases and its wandering dance through each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac – from the Infant’s Moon (the New Moon in Aries) to the Storyteller’s Moon (the Full Moon in Gemini) to the Prophet’s Moon (the waning Balsamic Moon in Aquarius) – the Moon shares its story in 96 different ways. Telling the stories of the heart of all 96 Moon’s phase and Moon sign combinations, this book explains the creative gifts and emotional challenges bestowed upon those born under each Moon archetype as well as how to nurture the positive traits and improve – or at least to discourage – the negative ones. Exploring the influences each Moon archetype has on us as it passes, the author reveals which Moons are the most difficult, what innate qualities each Moon brings out in us, and what we can do to honor each Moon. Including evocative quotes illuminating the nature of each Moon, this book shows how to use your natal Moon’s astrological sign and phase to find your “hidden Moons” – the shadows cast by passing Moons – and predict how current and approaching Moons will affect you.



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