Polished Shungite Crystal Pharaoh Cylinders

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About the Pharaoh Cylinders

Pharaoh cylinders are ideal for recharging or restoring harmony of body and soul. Bioenergetics practitioners regard the Pharaoh cylinders as two energetic poles: Yin on the left, and Yang on the right. Energy passes between these poles, purifying the organism and strengthening the aura (the body’s protective energy field). The cylinders interact with the body through its network of acupoints in the hands and fingers. Stimulation of these acupoints provides relief and healing to their corresponding internal organs.

The Yin Shungite cylinder (black) should be held in the left hand and the Yang Steatite cylinder (deep green/gray), in the right hand. Sit in a relaxed pose; do not cross your legs. While holding the cylinders, place your hands on your knees, keeping the cylinders parallel. To get the most out of your session, close your eyes, clear your mind and concentrate on whatever sensations come to you. The length of the session will vary with each individual, but you should start with three to five minutes, gradually working up to 10 to 15 minutes. You will feel the effects of the “recharging” and harmonization for two days.



Product Description: One pair of polished 100% authentic Shungite Crystal Pharaoh Cylinder harmonizers. One cylinder is made with Shungite and the other with Steatite (known as soap stone). These items are directly imported from Karelia, Russia.

Size of each cylinder: 10 cm Length x 3 cm Width x 3 cm Height.

Combined Weight: 350 grams



Product Description: Price is by pair (please note wholesale prices are hidden and are only revealed to our official distributors).

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