The Book of Crystal Grids

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What is “The Book of Crystal Grids” About?

Crystals are renowned around the world as great accompaniment to self-growth, but they also affect how we feel and our responses to the world around us. They are energy-boosters which help enhance our experience of living at every level, and can protect us by detoxifying our physical, emotional, and spiritual systems from the stresses and strains of life. Within a crystal grid, their potential is enhanced, magnified, and directed. In The Book of Crystal Grids all these amazing benefits are presented in a format that’s direct and easy to use. First, discover what crystal grids are, and how and why they work, including the principles behind the power of crystals, how crystal grids create energy fields, and the theory of sacred geometry. Learn how to create a crystal grid, empowering it through the selection, color, and shape of the crystals in the grid, and how to give the grid a focus by setting an intention and meditating. Then explore 50 different crystal grids, each photographed with clear instructions, for a range of purposes, organized into lifestyle enhancement, spiritual enhancement and emotional challenges. A color-coded directory of over 100 common crystals and their benefits when placed within a crystal grid is also provided.



Product Description: One “The Book of Crystal Grids” book by Philip Permutt.

Average Dimension: 23.5 cm Length x 19 cm Width x 1 cm Height.

Average Weight:  486 grams.

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