St-Denis: The Spiritual Heart of Montreal

St-Denis: The Heart of Montreal 2

Montreal is a beautiful city filled with world renowned restaurants, plenty of tourist attractions, great music, breath-taking art and amazing people. With the rise of the spiritual movement, St-Denis is now becoming known as the spiritual street of Mont-Royal, making it the ultimate location for our second Crystal Dreams store.​

St-Denis: The Heart of Montreal

Whether you’re new to the spiritual world or have been interested in spirituality for a long time, St-Denis street is the optimal area for you to explore. The plateau is the real spirit of Montreal, a trendy neighbourhood where you can find and connect with all sorts of spiritual, open-minded individuals. Take a stroll down St-Denis Street to find the best restaurants, cafes, parks and terraces the city has to offer. St-Denis is the perfect area to stop by to restock yourself and fulfill your spiritual needs. Perfect for a spring or summer day, the busy street in the heart of Montreal also offers a huge range of unique spiritual shops along with so many cool activities to participate in, making it the ideal community for both tourists and locals to explore. St-Denis street is also suitable for families, so bring your kids and they’ll be sure to have a blast.

St-Denis: The Heart of Montreal 1

Crystal Dreams is a Montreal-based company dedicated to providing you everything needed to help you along your spiritual path. Our second store is located in the heart of the Montreal Plateau area, only a four-minute walk from the Sherbrooke metro station. Come by metro, car, Bixie bike, walking or even rollerblading on a nice summer day. Crystal Dreams St-Denis is the ideal spot for anyone interested in becoming more connected with their body, mind, and soul.

Open seven days a week, Crystal Dreams St-Denis is the perfect place to find your favorite crystals, gemstones, jewelry, incense. Here at Crystal Dreams you can find all the necessary tools needed to become more in touch with yourself and the world that surrounds you. We have a large selection of crystals, gemstones, jewelry, raw stones, tumbled stones as well as all the products needed for your smudging and cleansing rituals including incense sticks, essential oils, Palo Santo, Sage, Selenite etc. Not only do we have all the popular crystals like Amethyst or Quartz, we also carry some of the more rare and precious gemstones including Moldavite and Larimar.

So come take a stroll with a loved one, or hop on your bike, whatever the reason of your visit may be, you can always come check out Crystal Dreams St-Denis for a unique experience you won’t forget.

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  1. I recently visited your downtown boutique on St-Denis street in Montreal. Your crystal shop is so beautiful, everything is so mesmerizing!! I think I was in your store for at least an hour. Your staff was very friendly and was able to answer all of my crystal and metaphysical questions. I will definitely be back to browse your crystal store again!

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