The importance of numerology and how it works

As mystical as it sounds, numerology exists in everything around us.

Numerology is found in nature, in human and animal anatomy, the universe, technology, and the list go on and on. This knowledge comes, in fact, from many moons ago, even when the human being did not yet know what a skyscraper or a satellite was.

Between numerology and humanity, there is a close link, a mystical one, so the representation of numbers in people would manage to make predictions of the future, or bring up several events that occurred in the past. These practices began at the time when numbers began to rule the lives of our ancestors, because it was clear that they were found in every tiny corner of our world and our perceptions.

Knowing this…

What is numerology really?

According to ancient foundations, such as empirical and scientific knowledge, beliefs and universal traditions, numerology is a practice that is based on divination, and aims to establish a mystical relationship between elements with a common factor: numbers and living beings, without ignoring its fundamental aspects, such as physical strength and spirituality.

There is a belief that, from the moment we are born, we become numbers. How can this be?

Let’s think a little more in detail about everything that surrounds us, and what we represent to this world. When we are born, we represent a new record for the hospital, and that record is defined by a number. When we are old enough, we will represent a legal document, and again the numbers define us. Once we start our working life, we will need a bank account number: coincidence?

As you will see, it is as easy as naming numbers to explain our lives. Not only our lives, but also what lives with us. There are 193 recognized countries in the world, 8 planets that make up the planetary system, 7.5 billion+ people: numbers represent more than just math class accounts, or the sums of money in our monthly salaries.

If it comes as a surprise to you, you should know that these numerical similarities have existed for hundreds of centuries. Culturally, numerology is a phenomenon far removed from the West, which would later expand to the smallest corner of our planet. Many wise people, highly intelligent for their time, observed the influence that numbers implanted in people’s lives.

 Why is numerology important?

For the ordinary human, perhaps numerology does not carry any importance. But for those curious and worshippers of mystical and mysterious knowledge, numerology represents more than just a divinatory practice.

In modern times, this ancient practice is executed to find meaning in life, to know oneself, and to know what they represent in this specific space and time.

As curious beings, we are always in search of elements such as harmony, and the union with a being that complements us, and it is not always what we expect. In reality, within numerology there are opposites and not antagonists, like the representatives of the unity of a soul.

In other words, numbers are to humans what the apple tree is to the apple.

 Numbers and their meanings

The numerology itself is categorized by the numbers 1 to 9, where each of them represents different characteristics, which can be reflected in human beings. Hence the relationship (or bond) that unites numbers and people, as they develop and unfold into a harmonious and destined whole.

Number 1

It represents individuality, unity and independence.

For those represented by the number 1, they tend to be original, honest and ambitious, and can become born leaders and pioneers in whatever they set out to do.

They should be careful not to be arrogant, and avoid selfish attitudes.

 Number 2

It represents cooperation, symbolizes the couple and goodness.

Individuals governed by the number 2 are considerate, compassionate, and complement and complement each other very well. Apart from this, they are sociable and amazing at working together.

Those born under number 2 should be careful not to be so shy and introverted.

Number 3

It represents charm, personal inspiration and optimism.

Under such precious characteristics, the number 3s are highly creative, happy, intelligent people with an effervescent energy, which envelops everyone around them.

They must be careful with excessive criticism of others, be impatient and show their jealousy aggressively.

Number 4

It represents organization, honesty, responsibility and passionate attitude.

Those lucky enough to be represented by the number 4 are usually honest, practical, sincere, patient and dignified people. They are truly organized and adhere to tradition.

You have to work on the authoritarian attitude, and work on the recurring obsessions.

 Number 5

It represents freedom, restlessness and intuition.

Those who make up the number 5 are restless, they love to be in constant activity, they are passionate about knowledge and variety. Adventurers, in search of truth and travel.

They must manage and control their infidelity instincts, and be less irresponsible.

Number 6

It represents responsibility, tranquility, romance and nobility.

Driven by an aura of romanticism and honesty, the numbers 6 are tolerant, respectful, peaceful and like to help. They prefer harmonious, quiet and comfortable environments.

You must be careful to become a proud and insensitive being.

Number 7

It represents wisdom, protection, discipline and curiosity.

Number 7 praises balance, perfection, truth, and is extremely kind and supportive. They are surrounded by mystery in search of perfection and worship knowledge.

They must work on their depressive feelings and seek to move away from isolation.

Number 8

It represents victory, sensitivity, spiritual strength and self-control.

These people are attracted by what represents infinity, transcendence, conquest and success. They are interested in greater and greater causes, easy to live with other people, really emotional and their social intelligence abounds.

You should be careful not to become miserly and to take care of the subjugation.

 Number 9

It represents inspiration, independence, emotionality and extrasensory abilities.

With such characteristics, the numbers 9 are understanding, cautious, tolerant and creative. Just as the numbers 9 are intuitive and sincere, they are great advisors and praise diversity.

They must beware of negative energies, such as unethical and recklessness.

How do I know what number I am?

One of the ways to find out what number you represent is through your date of birth.

Numerology is a simple and uncomplicated art, so its mystical interpretation in human beings is usually quite simple as well, so that each number represents specific qualities that, sometimes, cannot be recognized by their unknowns. However, they are qualities rooted in their spirits, which are often unknown to them at the moment.

Now, the date of birth is a numerical figure that is broken down into individual numbers, and the numbers are then added up, until a number is obtained. Therefore, the result will end up in a single digit. Here is an example:

Albert Einstein’s date of birth is March 14, 1879, so its decomposition would be

14 / 03 / 1879 = 1 + 4 + 3 + 1 + 8 + 7 + 9 = 33

33= 3 + 3 = 6

So, Albert Einstein was represented under the number 6, so he was a responsible, calm, romantic and noble spirit.

It is not a lie that numerology contains mystical and, in some cases, more pragmatic aspects than an ordinary human being would expect to find. However, the reality that encompasses numerology goes beyond an almost derogatory perspective, with which it is seen today towards it. This practice helps those who seek it to know themselves through wisdom and self-knowledge, with the purpose of being better and more appreciative of life as we know it.