Crystal Dreams World Essential Oils and when to use them

They are not only oils, but they are experiences.

In our Crystal Dreams World, we specialize in natural essential oils, and these have varied therapeutic and personal aesthetic uses.

For hundreds of years, essential oils have been used as a relaxing, beauty enhancer and, in their greatest expression, were used in the practice of aromatherapy, which consists of adding a few drops of oil in hot water, and inhaling the odors that emanate to relax.

If Cleopatra used essential oils to conquer Mark Anthony, why do you doubt them? We already know what happened in history…

What do Crystal Dreams World Essential Oils work for?

We have a variety of essential oils and diverse aromas, and they all have one purpose: to make your life healthier and more relaxing.

Our oils, depending on their essence, work for body treatments such as decontracting massages, reducing massages, relaxing massages and therapeutic massages. However, they do not only serve for massages.

Aromatherapy is also a fundamental part of the treatments in which our oils have the power to impress. This ancestral practice is still in force in our times, and it does not go unnoticed in front of our eyes. That is why Crystal Dreams World’s natural essential oils work so well.

These oils will help you to maintain an aura of tranquility and comfort, to relax your home or the place where you use it; and if your use is personal, you will be able to concentrate and meditate by taking a hot shower, practicing yoga, or even to do the simplest activities, like reading a book or working.

TOP 5 Essential Oils from Crystal Dreams World

Now, it’s your turn to get to know our best essential oils, which are our customers’ favorites.

Are you ready?

Palo Santo Essential Oil

Palo Santo oil is one of our favorite essential oils for our loyal customers. Palo Santo has the properties to set your site, body and mind, in a state of complete relaxation.

In aromatherapy, this oil works in a great way, to work on anti-stress techniques, and help concentration.

In general terms of body energy, Palo Santo works very well to remove bad energies and evil spirits, and promotes a great connection between the individual and meditation, so its properties of relaxation and concentration are positive.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass oil is an oil with the properties of reducing anxiety attacks, and anxiety in general. It also works very well to treat depression, through the application of aromatherapy. And as if that weren’t enough, it fights stress, if the oil is used in a diffuser.

Unlike Palo Santo, Lemongrass essential oil can fight headaches caused by migraine. This is possible thanks to its dose of eugenol, so its effect is similar to aspirin.

You can use Lemongrass Essential Oil, to relieve muscle pain and keep some psychological deficits under control, such as anxiety, stress and depression.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil is a great energetic stimulator, which we can use to awaken our spirit, with its divine aroma.

If we use it in aromatherapy, it helps us fight nasal congestion and control our nerves, tension and irritability.

Use this oil when you feel that you are low on energy, and need a boost to activate your cells and start the day in a phenomenal way.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is perhaps our favorite oil, thanks to its so graciously divine essence. And we are sure that this is the same reason why our customers keep choosing it as their favourite oil.

In addition to its pleasant aroma, Lavender Essential Oil has properties to work with anxiety, stress and especially insomnia. The latter is almost like a drop of healing mystery that, in a matter of minutes, helps in the propitiation of drowsiness.

It can also be used to treat depression, dementia and post-surgical pain.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil is often used to control respiratory infections such as bronchitis, colds, sinusitis, rhinitis, colds, influenza and more.

Its healing properties, for respiratory infections, are excellent, but it also helps with abdominal pain, headaches, cramps and fatigue.

Its aroma is usually mild for some, with floral touches, and a slight citrus scent, if you manage to perceive it carefully.

Our natural essential oils will give you back that tranquility, and bodily health and energy, that you want so much back. Whether you use it for a therapeutic purpose, or to relax after an exhausting week, the oils will provide great company and its aromas will help you to disappear all your worries.