What is Shungite Crystal?

Article Crystal Dreams Qu'est-ce que le cristal de shungite?

Though it is similar in appearance to charcoal, Shungite is found in very ancient layers of the Earth’s crust that were formed when there were no life forms on the Earth. Trees are only 500 million years old. Shungite is 2 billion years old. That is why the scientists cannot explain how Shungite could’ve existed. This is what has led Some scientist believe that it must to have been part of a dead planet that contained life in it and crashed into the earth in the form of a comet. This is also why Shungite is also known as the “alien stone”.

Where can Shungite be found?

Shungite can currently be found in one place in the world: The district of Karelia in Northern Russia.

Where does Shungite come from?

At that time, there were no forests to form carbides such as coal. Experts claim there were only protobacteria living in an oxygen-free atmosphere. But suddenly huge deposits of this marvelous mineral seem to have appeared.

How did this huge deposit of Shungite was formed ?

the answer still remains uncertain but there are three theories to explain shungite’s origin:

1. Primitive microscopic organisms existed in shallow bays of the ancient sea. Sea scurf rich in these organic remains formed a material that produced Shungite.

2. According to another theory, Shungite is part of a gigantic meteorite that brought part of a decomposed planet called Phaeton to the Earth. Phaeton is believed to have had carbon-based life forms. The gigantic fragment impacted upon our planet billions of years ago bringing with it to earth Shungite which formed in the area of impact and remained hidden for thousands of years in the Urals of Russian until was recently discovered in the 1930’s.

3. Some researchers assert that the form and structure of Shungite have volcanic features. The volcanic ejection of the Shungite substance would have played the same role as the hypothetical Phaeton fragment.

Shungite’s Benefits Proven by Science

Whichever of these theories may hold the truth, it cannot be disputed that Shungite with its unique healing qualities and abundance of remarkable characteristics, is a mineral like nothing else on earth. According to scientists (Robert Curl and Richard Smalley) who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry; “Shungite is a wonder of nature”. This rock has a higher electrical superconductivity than gold and it can be measured. Shungite also contains “Fullerene” which is a rare and very powerful natural antioxidant that can increase human immunity with regards to many illnesses and suppress the development of many allergic diseases;

Shungite can be used as a natural filter to purify your water. This crystals attracts all impurities and chemicals in the water and neutralizes them. This natural water purification can clean water from almost all organic compounds including pesticides, metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms. The russian army had Shungite plates installed in their bunkers because they believed it could repel radioactivity. Water infused with Shungite has overall energizing and refreshing effects on the body. It cleans the face, smooths wrinkles, eliminates irritation, itching and rashes. The Skin becomes naturally elastic and hydrated. Shungite water also strengthens the hair and provides it a healthy shine.

Shungite is sometimes called the “Stone of Life” because of its antibacterial properties. You can put 100 g for 1 liter of water and it will take around 24-48 hours for the water to be cleaned. The Lake Onega in Russia that has been in contact with shungite for thousands of years, is so clean that it can be used for drinking without any water filtering.

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