Auralite Amethyst Crystal Testimonials

Auralite Amethyst Crystal Testimonials
The meaning & metaphysical properties of Auralite Amethyst

The Auralite-23 Crystals that are being shipped from our crystal store in Montreal, Canada, has people around the world talking. So what is all the fuss about Auralite 23 and it’s properties? What is everyone saying about Auralite 23? Why are so many people going crazy over this specific crystal? Well this is some feedback that some of our Auralite-23 Costumers have been sharing with Crystal Dreams:

1st Testimonial

“Dear Crystal Dreams, I received the Auralite-23 Crystal a few weeks ago.  As it has been very hectic at home, it is only now that I have the chance to write you to thank you for the superb specimen, as well as the gift of the three tumbled stones. The three polished stones create a wonderful energy and I have “trialed” them with other crystals finding they add a “supercharge”. The Auralite-23 point is truly magical with it its gorgeous silver and some gold sparkles – as if liquid crystal was poured over it, and love looking at it in the sunlight. But what is the mineral that created the bands of silver grey, violet grey and darker grey which at times shows a hint of dark golden olive green?  It also shows patches  of almost black (indigo) color and some purple.. This specimen seems to provide a pulsing energy.  It starts and stops as if it is completely in tune with my needs, and, of course, that pulsing will be of great benefit when I use it to clear and heal land. Blessings to you and the wonderful service you provide. Thank you Crystal Dreams”.

– Monique

2nd Testimonial

“I have recently begun crystal healing after being introduced to it by a friend about 3 months ago. When began dating and at our last trip at a crystal shop we were really drawn to the Auralite-23 Crystal and I wanted to surprise her with her own. She loved the Auraite-23 Crystal you sent and I’ll likely be buying a few wands also. Thank you so much for your kindness and respect to the customers and your products. Next time I will be in Montreal, Canada I will come visit your store.”


3rd Testimonial

“SINGING AURALITE-23 CRYSTAL: How exciting that you were able to share this special stone with the World! I have a great story I think you would enjoy. My teacher had a wonderful experience with a  piece of raw Auralite-23 that she purchased off of me. She received a message from her angels to cleanse her crystal (even though from my understanding it never needs cleansing). She smudged it, then decided to do sound healing. She used her crystal practitioner singing bowl, then on a whim decided to actually place the Auralite 23 inside the bowl. She continued to play…and has done this with other crystals she owns, however, to her amazement and delight, the Auralite 23 began to SING to her! Not immediately, however in a very short time, it aligned its vibrations with the bowl and created its own glorious song…Amazing!!! In light, love and joy.”

 – Lora

4th Testimonial

“Hi Mr. Crystal Dreams! I just received the beautiful pendant you sent me. I find this so profoundly moving and so special, it must be the power of this stone and its deep vibrations, of love. Thank you so much again, have a great day. With all my gratitude and love. I will be buying more Auralite soon! I told my whole family to come shop at Crystal Dreams.”

– Éliane

5th Testimonial

“I have a lot of respect for these crystals. They needed billions of years to grow and I can honestly feel that they’re ancient masters. I feel so blessed to be able to have one as a companion through my journey. I’m so happy you are located in Canada as well.”

– Anne


6th Testimonial

“Am I dreaming? Am I lost somewhere and imagining this..? Am I seeing things…?  I am literally filling with tears…I have been looking for a stone like this ever since my very first Auralite -THIS is it!!!!! I am Shaking with joy- let me stop being silly.. but You must get this often with your customers? right !? It is absolutely perfect! I am so Happy – please pardon me… and your store in Montreal is filled with amazing stones! I wish I had more money to buy them all. One of these days I hope to be in a space where I can afford to pay for miracles like this instantly… However this miracle that you gave me is beyond my very wildest dreams!!! You had truly made my day – I hope this finds you very happy and well: You stay in my prayers, my young friend.”

– Confidential

7th Testimonial

“Hello, I am a Reiki Master and I donate healing as I want it to be available to anyone. I also work with crystals. I don’t want to call myself healer because I am simply the facilitator. I am also very emphatic. The crystal you sent me has energy that is really amplified. It’s extremely soothing to all mind, body and soul. It also has a somewhat cleansing property as I found myself holding it, feeling much loved, then I started crying and releasing a bit of emotional junk? It is very different from some of the other crystals I work with. Thank you so much for your kindness, it means a great deal to me. Many blessings.”

 – Lori

8th Testimonial

”While I was away from home the crystal had arrived… As soon as I got home I rushed to the mail and felt like a child opening a chirstmas present! The energy was so incredible I don’t even know how to describe it. I also noticed that it was very helpful in connecting energy, people, etc. And then the extra gift you sent…I like it very much…so thank you very much for it. By the way my wife loves it too. When I hold it as a pendant in front of my throat I instantly could feel a rush of energy coming from above flowing through my body and going into the earth. A very nice feeling, very energetic and grounding at the same time. I asked my wife to stand by my side (less then a meter away) at just sense if she feels anything. She felt exactly the same as I and then she saw the pendant and felt in love with it, too. So once again thank you very much for these wonderful and lovely crystals.All the best wishes and a wonderful rainbow for you (or to you?)”


9th Testimonial

When I took those Auralite-23 out that you sent me from Montreal, the hot tears welled up in my eyes. They are so beautiful and own the unique energy which I could not describe via any words. How wonderful they are! Firstly, I deeply appreciated your assistance and explanation of all to me. When I read your Crystal Dreams website, every time I learned a lot from you. You just like my teacher and also my angel to give me a lot of ideas and supports. Also, the attitude you showed me is that I have to continually learn? When I read the articles you posted on the web-site, it is very useful for me and I could have a lot of input of the latest related information. You are my model to push me to strengthen myself.

– Nara

10th Testimonial

“I went to an ascension healing workshop this weekend.  The welcome information I received suggested we bring energy crystals. So I brought all of the Auralite you have sent me as well as a few other crystals from my collection for the altar.  The topic of the Auralite came up in the discussion and I let the group know about the properties of Auralite. One person asked me if the smaller wands were available for sale. I was not expecting to sell them, but I was open to letting them find people who will give them good homes. So, I told her the lady who asked me about them being for sale that I could sell them for ten dollars a piece because of the modest prices you shared with me.  Soon many people flocked to the altar and instantly responded positively to the energy of the wands.  Before I knew it all of the wands had found new homes.  I made my first sale as a part time mineral dealer. Thank you for offering the service that you do!  It is gratefully appreciated by many! Also, thank you for including the pendant along in the recent parcel.  I am wearing it every day over my heart.  Its energy has integrated and uplifted my being.  I look  forward to doing more business with you when I have enough money saved up. Blessings.”


Thank you for taking the time to read these testimonials on the incredible power of these crystals. If you would like to buy 100% authentic crystals, please visit our store by clicking here.

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