Echinacea Immune System Support Tea

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Echinacea Immune System Support

This amazing high quality tea has a wonderful combination of herbs that will help boost your immune system! It contains a mixture of mighty herbs such as Echinacea, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Rose Hips and Hibiscus! The Echinacea can help to reduce inflammations, balance your mind and spirit, enhance your overall physical healing and much more. Lemongrass and Spearmint are antibacterial herbs with a fresh taste that are full of antioxidants and are ideal to combat headaches, joint pain, muscle soreness and more. Rose hips and Hibiscus flowers are filled with Vitamin C, nutrients, disease-fighting properties and more. Overall, this tea is ideal to help to clear the mind, raise optimism, increase hope, provide a boost to your immune system and increase vitality!
Echinacea: Echinacea has been used for ages to prevent and cure cold and flu symptoms. Being extremely high in anti-oxidants it’s a powerful immune system booster. It has also been known to help regulate blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and reduce stress and anxiety. Metaphysically, echinacea is used for strength, power, and increasing your confidence. 
Lemongrass: Lemongrass is very high in vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins. Lemongrass helps your body absorb iron, making it very beneficial to prevent anemia. It’s also a natural pain killer and has shown a positive effect on people suffering from depression and sleep disorders. Lemongrass has a very high frequency and is said to bring luck, cleanse any negative energy and give you the power to get through any obstacles in your path.  
Spearmint: Spearmint is a delicious herb with many magical properties! Its planetary ruler is Venus, and it has many protective metaphysical properties as well, making it a very popular ingredient for spells. Spearmint is an amazing herb for anyone seeking clarity and healing. Spearmint has had many studies done that have shown amazing results in improving memory and cognitive function! Moreover, it contains menthol which helps alleviate stress and helps you get a better night’s rest. The flavonoids in spearmint are also very helpful for women dealing with hormone imbalances and polycystic ovary syndrome. Finally, as with most herbs in the mint family, spearmint is extremely beneficial for stomach pain, bloating and digestive issues.
Rosehips: Rose hips are high in many Vitamins, notably Vitamin C, and have been used to improve bladder and kidney function. They are also anti-bacterial, and have been shown to reduce fevers! Rosehips help encourage love and success. Rosehips also help bring a sense of calm, and banish nightmares!
Hibiscus: Hibiscus is rich in vitamin C, which can help improve the liver’s health, may promote weight loss, may reduce fat levels in the bloodstream, and lower blood pressure. Hibiscus is also an aphrodisiac and helps stimulate love, lust, and passion. It also helps encourage dreams, visions, and premonitions.

IMPORTANT: Not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure through the sale of this herb. Use at your own risk.



Product Description: One high quality bag of Echinacea Immune System Support tea that is 100% natural with no chemicals added.

Average Dimension: 7.5 cm Length  x 2 cm width x 15 cm height.

Average Weight: 20 grams.

*Retail Purchase: You will receive ONE BAG OF ECHINACEA IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT TEA similar to the one in the pictures with almost identical dimensions to the ones mentioned above.  All measurements are approximations. Authenticity & quality are 100% guaranteed.



Product Description: Price is per kilogram (Please note that wholesale prices are hidden and are only revealed to our official distributors).

*Wholesale Purchase: The price is by kilogram and you will receive ONE KILOGRAM per every quantity you add. In order to be able to see wholesale prices you will need to apply to become an official distributor. Please note that the minimum quantity order for wholesale for this item is one kilogram.

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