Fluorite Quartz Gemstone Properties

Crystal Dreams Propriétés de gemme de quartz de fluorite
This crystal was named in 1797 by Carlo Antonio Galeani Napione from the Latin word “fluere”  which means “to flow” and  is also known as “Fluorspar”. Fluorite is one of the most collectible and highly sought crystals in the world. Fluorite is loved by mineralogists and metaphysical healers from all around the world.

Fluorite comes in many beautiful colors such as yellow,purple,blue, green, clear and rainbow (multi color).  My favorite Fluorite is definitely the rainbow Fluorite because it has all the beautiful colors combined into one crystal.

Fluorite meanings and uses for Fluorite?
Some of Fluorite properties are very similar to the clear quartz crystal healing properties. It promotes spiritual and psychic development, protection, and brings inner peace. Fluorite crystal is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy.    It helps to concentrate and focus when first learning to meditate. Fluorite crystal will help you to connect with the spiritual world and improve communication with spirit guides or animal totems. This energy can be used to manifest one’s life purpose.

Fluorite is known as the “Genius Stone”, it represents the highest state of mental achievement, helping one work through complex issues and helps on learning new information. Its energy stimulates the electrical charge of brain cells, drawing in more life force (Prana). Fluorite crystal Expands the consciousness, it advances the mind to greater mental, spiritual and psychic awareness.

Fluorite physical properties
This crystal is used for protection as a psychic shield, protecting from chaotic vibrations and negative energies. Fluorite is also used to clear energy fields and cleanse the aura. Fluorite is also used to remove astral attachments, which brings a reduction or elimination of negativity energy.

Fluorite crystal is ideal for overall cleansing and repair of the aura’s energy field.  This crystal is very useful for activating and energizing all chakras. It calms a chaotic mind and promotes freethinking, flexibility, and freedom of choice. It empowers one to verbalize their ideas and needs with confidence, and to embrace self-sufficiency by not resting one’s happiness in the hands of others.

Fluorite is known as a  stone of mental order and clarity. It is used to enhance mental clarity and reduce instability and disorder. This brings a wiser, more balanced view of life and improves decision making. These traits enable one to manifest ideas into reality. Learning is another key mental use for fluorite. It can improve learning for anyone, enhance focus and concentration, and reduce learning disorders.

Fluorite Healing properties

Fluorite is a great stone to calm and relieve anxiety, tension, and stress by detoxifying the emotional body. It can help get rid of mental blocks and similar mental issues.  Fluorite can reduce fear of the future as well as ease anger and depression. Fluorite can remove confusion and mental “fog” to create order and harmony in life.
Fluorite gemstones are believed to help in; detoxification, cholesterol, blood pressure, bones, dizziness, vertigo, balance of brain hemisphere, cough, pain, joints, respiration, food intolerance, mobility issues, anti-viral, pineal gland problems, posture, nerves, inflammatory diseases, strengthen body, colds, flu, insomnia and to prevent RNA/DNA issues.
Please note that healing crystal meanings are for spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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  2. Fluorite is my favourite crystal of all time! It’s such a beautiful crystal with so many colours included within one piece. It always catches my eye every time I’m in your crystal store. I work a lot in marketing and I constantly need creative flow, I have quite a few pieces on each of my desks at home and work and my fluorite really does make a difference in what I create and it helps keep me concentrated. I’ll have to come by your Pierrefonds crystal shop to get some more, I can’t help myself!

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