Best Crystals For Protection and Grounding

Crystal Dreams Meilleurs cristaux pour la protection

Crystals have been used for protection as far as history can remember. From the Mayans to the Chinese or the Egyptians. Many people believe that crystals can behave like your own personal body guards if you allow them to. Carrying the right crystal could make a big difference if you’re experiencing hard times in your life or you know that you will be facing great challenges in the near future. After all, you have everything to win and nothing to lose. So why not give them a shot! Here is a list made by Crystal Dreams of the top crystals for protection:

1. Black Tourmaline Gemstones

The number one place has to go to the Black Tourmaline. This black stone is the ultimate crystal for protection. This rock is a total badass when it comes to making sure his carrier stays safe. It will not only repel harm and negativity, but the best part about it it’s that it will send it right back to it’s source! In other words, if someone is wishing harm or misfortune upon you and you’re carrying this crystal the moment that its happening – All their negativity will come back right to them. This crystal is ideal when you know you will be going to a dangerous place, or when you know you will have a confrontation with someone. The Black tourmaline will protect you on all levels: Physical, spiritual and emotional.

2. Hematite Crystal

This is the crystal for protection specially when it comes to legal issues. In other words, Hematite is a crystal for protection from divorce, legal challenges or any other kind of negativity. If you’re having any kind of legal problems – this is the crystal to have on you. So next time you have to walk inside a court room – pack one of these in your pockets.

3. Tiger Eye Stones

Tiger eye is one of my favorite Crystals. This crystal is very protective of its owner and the ideal stone to keep in your car for protection against theft or accidents. This semi-precious stone is also a great good luck talisman against poverty. The Tiger eye is known for keeping poverty at bay and protect your finances while bring abundance into your life.

Auralite 23 is one of the crystals that is believed to have appeared in our current time to help humanity raise to higher frequencies. It is also called “A New Stone of the New Consciousness” because of its high frequency and abundance of metaphysical properties.  This gemstone can be found only in one place in the world – Thunder Bay, Canada. What makes this crystal so unique and different from the rest is that it’s a natural mixture of other crystals and minerals. This is why it is also known as Auralite 23, because it contains more than 23 different minerals. Some of the ones that have been identified are gold, silver, Amethysts, Citrine, Copper, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Platinum, Iron and much more. Auralite is estimated to be around 1.2 billion years old. It’s mysterious creation is often attributed to a comet that must to have landed in Thunder bay billions of years ago melting all the minerals together due to the immense heat. This crystal will not only provide you with the protection that you need but it will also become your mentor. It will act as a teacher to attract to your life the circumstances, people, and situations that you need to help you grow and get attuned with your higher self.

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  1. I’ve had such a good experience with my black tourmaline crystals that I purchased from your stores! I’ve been to both of your shops on St-Denis street in downtown Montreal and Pierrefonds. Both of your stores have such great vibes I can stay there all day. I’ve tried other protective crystals, but the black tourmaline seems to be sticking to me the most so far.

  2. Thank you for this information! Black crystals are usually associated to protection such as shungite, onyx, tourmaline and obsidian.

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