Using Shungite to Filter, Clean and Purify Water

Crystal Dreams Article : How to Use Shungite to Filter, Clean & Purify Water

The only place in the world where Shungite can be found is in the region of Karelia, Russia. This leads many to believe that Shungite will someday cost more than gold. This gemstone was formed about 2 billion years ago.  Its composed of nearly all the elements of the Periodic Table. Though it is commonly known that not all chemical elements are beneficial to life forms, a surprising feature of this gemstone is that only its health-giving components are absorbed by water which allows you to use Shungite to filter, clean & purify water.

Shungite can be used as a natural filter to purify your water. This natural water purifier can clean water from almost of all organic compounds, metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms. A good example of water purification by Shungite is the water from lake Onega in Russia. Since this lake has been in contact with shungite for thousands of years, its water  can be used for drinking without any water filtering.

Benefits of Shungite in water potions

When placed in water, fullerenes in shungite attract and neutralize waterborne contaminants. Shungite will remove: bacteria (and other microbes), nitrates, heavy metals,  pesticides, volatile organics, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, and fluoride ( however, as with other forms of carbon filtration,  it is not recommended for the removal of fluoride because it becomes burdened so rapidly).

Water infused with Shungite has overall energizing and rejuvenating effects on the body. It cleans the face, smoothes wrinkles, eliminates irritation, itching and rashes.  Skin becomes  naturally elastic and hydrated. Shungite water  also strengthens the hair and  provides  it a healthy shine. Water infused with Shungite becomes ultra clean.

How to clean your shungite

Rinse the shungite stones, without soap, under running water. Some people also recommend to put the stones in boiling water for a few minutes and the 1-2 spoons of vinegar and leave overnight. Once your Shungite is clean, put the  shungite stones in a jar and pour cold water in the following proportions: 100g of shunigte per 1 liter of water. As scientists have identified, in 30 minutes the water will be cleared and expressed antibacterial activity, but for the better results leave the water with shungite for 2 -3 hours. The water will finally acquire all the healing properties within 8 – 10 hours. For optimum results, it’s recommended to leave the shungite water for 24-72 hours.

It is recommended to put shungite stones under the sun light every month and replace the stones every 6 months. If you would like to buy 100% natural and authentic shungite directly imported from Russia, please visit our online shop by clicking here.

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  1. I’ve been looking into shungite and it’s properties as a crystal. I’ve read that it can protect you from the radiation produced by technology and devices! I’ve been feeling really anxious about my bodys state due to all the technology I’m surrounded by everyday, so I’ll give shungite water a go! Thank you for writing this educational article about the usage of shungite in water and its purification process 🙂

  2. I am so happy with the shungite pieces that I purchased from your crystal store in downtown Montreal! Your natural crystals are stunning and I cannot wait to come back for more!

  3. When you say to put the stones in sunlight every month, for how long do they need to be in sunlight? Also, does it need to be outside in sunlight, or can it be in a south facing window?

    1. Hello Theresa, the length of time depends on you and how much you feel the crystal needs to be cleansed. It can be in any form of direct sunlight. On a windowsill or outside are good examples. Do not put amethyst in sunlight because it will fade in colour.

  4. I just bought a Shungite palm stone can I use it to purify and cleanse water in it’s polished form ? And how would I do it?

  5. Is it ok if water that I will be using for consumption and cooking is exposed to Shungite for long periods of time? I want to add the stones to the bottom chamber of my berkey filter, which never quite empties all the water, so there will always be a bit of water exposed to the stones for long periods of time. I read on another Russian site that you shouldn’t let the process go longer than 24 hours. I’m guessing since it’s only a little bit of water that it should be ok but I wanted a second opinion.

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