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Crystal Dreams Auralite 23

Looking for Auralite 23 crystals at wholesale & bulk prices? Crystal Dreams is the #1 distributor of Auralite crystals around the world in both retail & wholesale….

Auralite Amethyst Crystal Testimonials

Auralite Amethyst Crystal Testimonials

The Auralite-23 Crystals that are being shipped from our crystal store in Montreal, Canada, has people around the world talking. So what is all the fuss about Auralite 23 and it’s properties? What is everyone saying about Auralite 23? Why are so many people going crazy over this specific crystal? Well this is some feedback that some of our Auralite-23 Costumers have been sharing with Crystal Dreams:…

Auralite Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

Crystal Dreams Auralite Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

Auralite Amethyst is believed by many to be one of the most powerful crystals to have been discovered until this date. Auralite can only be found in one place in the world and that is in Canada. It was only discovered in 2007 and already it has become one of the most popular crystals around the world. Many are calling it a “master healer” or a “new age stone” which has come in these times of crisis to help humanity heal and reach the next level….