How to Cleanse Your Crystals?

Crystal Dreams Comment nettoyer vos cristaux?

Crystals can collect energies from people such as emotions, thoughts and feelings. When other people handle your crystal, they leave a little bit of their energy on the crystal. Those energies aren’t necessarily negative but it’s always better that you remove the stored energies in the crystal. When you first get your crystal, it is a good idea to clean it. You should also cleanse your crystal after you use it for any healing work, or whenever you feel that the crystal lacks energy. Here’s a list with the most popular methods to clean your crystals.


A wonderful method to cleanse your crystal is to burn sage leaves and pass your crystal through the smoke. This method of cleansing energies was very popular within the Native American culture. You can also use any type of incense or Palo Santo to clean your crystals. This method is perfect to purify the energies of a crystal, place or person.

Sea Salt

Put your crystal in a glass of water and add sea salt. Leave your crystal in the salt water overnight, preferably in a place where it can receive the moon light. Next day, wash off all the salt from yout crystals. Please do some research about your crystal or gemstone before you use the salt method. Some crystal can be permanently damaged by the salt.


Hold the crystal in your hand and focus your thoughts on the crystal with the intention that it will become free of all negative energy. As you hold this thought, slowly inhale and exhale through your nose.


Selenite is known to be the only crystal that never need to be cleansed. This mineral not only purifies the energies of other crystals that are placed around it but also of rooms and even people. Placing a gemstone next to a Selenite tower for 15 minutes is usually enough to cleanse it.

How to charge your crystal?

To charge a crystal is to revitalize it. You renew its energy to become more efficient. Think of what kind of energy you want to store in your crystal. To charge your crystal you can put it under direct sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. Another popular method is to bury your gemstone in the earth for a 1 day. Make sure you mark the spot where you bury your crystal unless you intend to give it back to the earth.

Once your Crystal has been cleanse or charged you will notice it’s energies will be stronger than before.
How to cleanse your crystal?

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  1. This is such a great article on how to cleanse your crystals! I personally like to burn sage or palo santo to cleanse and re-charge my crystals, the experience is amazing. I buy my sage and palo santo at your crystal shops in Montreal!

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