Everything You Need to Know About Selenite Crystals

Selenite is a variety of the crystallized gypsum mineral family. Currently, selenite crystals hold the record for the largest crystals ever found on the planet! The largest specimens of this crystal in the world were discovered in the Naica mine located in Mexico. At first, this mine was known for having lead, zinc and silver deposits. However, in 2000, while opening a new exploration tunnel, two  brothers, Eloy and Javier Delgado, found what experts consider to be the world’s largest crystal structures. At a depth of 300 meters, beneath the Chihuahuan desert, the Cave of the Crystals currently has the largest crystal formation on Earth, with selenite crystals reaching up to 13 meters long and 2 meters wide!

The cave where these crystals are found is 35 meters long, 20 meters wide and 8 meters high, which is  considered to be a unique natural phenomena. Several studies made from the discovery of this selenite deposit indicate that the crystals were formed because the cave possessed thermal waters filled with minerals coming from the depths of the earth, which eventually turned into giant geodes over time.

As you can see, selenite is an extremely intriguing crystal. If you want to know some of the most curious facts about selenite, we would like to invite you to continue reading. Here are some very interesting facts about selenite:

Selenite and the goddess of the moon
Selenite is formed from hydrated calcium sulphate, a variety of crystalline gypsum with white and blue reflections, which remind one of moonlight reflections: hence its name, after the Greek goddess Selēnē (moon). The moon, like the Selenite crystals, represents intuition, the divine feminie energy, purification, guidance, connection with the spiritual world, magic and manifestation.

The mines of the four giant selenite geodes
Around the world, only four places are known for selenite crystals that are more than 1 meter long; the “Naica” mine in Mexico; the “El Teniente” copper mine in Chile; the “Pilar de Jaravía” geode (also called the Pulpí Geode) located near the city of Almería in the region of Andalusia in Spain; and the ancient Roman mines of “Plinio” located in Segóbriga, Cuenca in Spain (from where the plaster that served as glass for windows was extracted until flat glass was invented).

The crystal with the slowest growth
Selenites grow at an incredibly slow rate, equivalent to the thickness of one hair every 100 years! Can you imagine how long it took for the Selenite crystals to form in the crystal Caves? Scholars believe that some of these crystals are more than 200 million years old, and that selenite is the crystal with the lowest growth rate observed so far!

The “Telephone Stone”
When it comes to the properties of crystals, selenite is not only a protective stone that keeps negative energies away, it is also effective in stabilizing emotions, attracting positive energy, as well as cleaning other crystals. In addition, selenite also helps to connect with other dimensions! Many energy workers believe that selenite can serve as the channel by which it receives and sends information from higher planes to this reality. It does this thanks to its very high and pure vibration which can reach high frequencies and can allow contact with higher entities in the spirit realms. These communication exchanges can be better perceived by sensitive people who carry a selenite, and this is why it is known as the “telephone stone”. Next time you are carrying a piece of selenite with you, try paying careful attention to the visions and ideas that pop into your mind; they might actually be messages from the astral realm! Selenite crystals work to help you bring light from the higher realms into the physical body in order to create a personal transformation.

How to purify and clean selenite crystals
There are several methods to clean any negative energy that is stored in your crystals. Selenite is one of those crystals that never needs to be cleansed. However, selenite crystals love the attention and the more you recharge them the more efficient they will be. It is important to keep in mind that selenite crystals can easily be damaged by contact with water or being buried, as they are gypsum crystals. If you put them in water they will literally dissolve! The best way to clean a selenite is to expose it to the moonlight and remove it before sunrise to avoid the morning mist. You can also expose it to the sun or when there is a full moon in order to recharge  it with energy.

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Feel the energy of the universe with the help of a selenite!

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