Quartz Family: Crystals Out of the Ordinary

Quartz, also known as clear quartz crystal, is one of the most abundant minerals in the Earth’s crust. It is either found in the form of crystals or encrusted as part of other rocks, such as granite (quartz, feldspar and mica). Quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen, and is shaped like a hexagonal prism. The best known specimens of this stone are the single-pointed quartz, but you can also find quartzes in the forms of geodes, druzes, clusters, chunks, and double terminated crystals.

Quartz is found on all continents and in most countries around the world, so it can be obtained very easily and at affordable prices. Quartz crystals are highly valued for their protective properties against negative energies and for their well being benefits. Its power lies in the energy that it emanates. One of the most interesting aspects of the quartz crystal is the ability to channel, amplify and redirect the energy of those who use it. Among the best-known quartz crystal family are white quartz, clear quartz, rose quartz, tourmaline, green quartz and amethyst.

For a quartz crystal to be able to balance your energy field, you must try to keep it as close to you as possible and to carry it as often as you can. It is a great idea to wear a quartz in the form of a pendant; this way you can always have it on you wherever you go. When you program your crystal, it is ideal that your crystal is not manipulated by anyone other than yourself. Otherwise, once it comes into contact with another person’s energy, the stone will be set out of balance and the process might not be as effective. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it just means you will need to clean the crystal again in order to have the stone functioning at its maximum capacity.

Quartz crystals have an extremely high vibration and they are powerful stones that can greatly help in your spiritual growth. These crystals are in tune with the vibration of higher spiritual realms and help to create a stronger connection with the universe. Quartz crystals represent the highest state of the human mind; clarity and balance. Quartz crystals clear the conduits of the mind and concentrate the energy towards the pineal gland, in the centre of the brain. If your mind is clear, you can use the quartz to stimulate the third eye chakra. This will amplify the connection during divination and psychic readings. Quartz crystals are great energy amplifiers so they are ideal for  use with positive affirmation or visualization techniques.

Quartz crystals are also ideal for jewelry making due to their undeniable beauty, especially the varieties of quartz that are not so common. If you want to know more about uncommon quartz crystals just keep reading.

Elestial Quartz
For many years, elestial quartz went unnoticed because of their unsightly natural form and their uneven smoky color, but stone healing therapists began to feel attracted to this crystal because of its power and strength. Regular use of elestial quartz rejuvenates and revitalizes over-stimulated areas of the brain and nervous system.

Amphibole Quartz
Another interesting type of quartz is the amphibole quartz. This quartz crystal has a vibration that helps you reach higher realms during meditation. Also known as ghost angel quartz, this crystal steals glances due to its color variations, as they are white or transparent quartz crystals with yellow inclusions, golden, orange, brown, pink or red. The amphibole quartz allows the holder to reach a deep sense of tranquility and inner peace. In addition, it stimulates the root, third eye and crown chakras.

Ajoite Quartz
The ajoite quartz is a rare crystal with green coloration. This quartz emits the powerful feminine energy of Mother Earth, which helps to connect with nature and protect against psychic attacks. It is a strong crystal for karmic healing and to unblock the throat and heart chakras.

Angel Aura Quartz
This powerful variety of quartz, also known as mystical quartz, is one of the greatest energy harmonizers. This quartz crystal is particularly known for possessing an iridescence similar to that of the lunar opal; it reflects all the colors of the rainbow.

The peculiar color of this quartz crystal is enhanced with pure platinum and silver to produce an intense energy capable of cleansing the aura. Angel aura quartz enhances one’s connection with spirituality.

Herkimer Diamond
The Herkimer diamond is a very powerful quartz crystal. The purpose of this crystal is the unification of body, soul and spirit, creating an unbreakable emotional and spiritual connection. They are ascension crystals that will take you to higher spiritual realms.

Herkimer diamonds have a distinct and harmonious energy, which is extremely valuable when used as a tool in a healing environment. They are also very useful in stimulating both psychic visions and clairvoyant abilities.

We hope you enjoyed this short list about some of the rarest types of quartz crystals. These are just some of the most beautiful quartz crystals that exist but there are countless other kinds.

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