Top Crystals to Protect You from Negative Energies

Coming into contact with dense and heavy energies is something we can’t avoid no matter how much we want to, because they can be found anywhere and within any person. It is a natural part of life. Nevertheless, there is one thing you can do to contain and diminish their impact on you: protect yourselves from them.

Negative vibrations destabilize your flow of life energy and therefore affect you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. To protect yourself from negative energy, try to carry protective crystals with you. Below you will find a list with some of the best crystals for protection.

Black crystals usually help with energy protection. Obsidian is particularly special for this purpose, as it does not allow any type of negative energy to reach the person who is near this crystal. Obsidian keeps you away from bad energies and the people who created them. You can use this crystal as an accessory; whether an earring, a pendant or a ring, or you can simply carry it in your pockets. The important thing is that you always have it with you, especially when you feel the need for protection or that you feel attacked by an “evil eye”. When you wear it, visualize that this crystal is projecting a shield of white light around you to protect you from negative energies and dark forces. Since obsidian keeps negativity away, it is the perfect crystal for people with depression and stress, as it helps to maintain a positive mental attitude. Another interesting quality of this crystal is that it allows the carrier to keep their energy and avoid feeling drained out when in stressful situations or  overwhelmed by crowds.

Fluorite crystals are very colourful and come in a range of shades from intense violet to blue, green and yellow. Sometimes even clear transparent spaces can be found between the shades of colors. Fluorite is perfect for cleaning negative energy from environments. You can use it around your home or workplace. Fluorite is also particularly useful when you have chaotic thoughts and you need to calm them or when you experience a mental block. This stone brings mental clarity and helps to focus. You can also lie down and place a fluorite over your third eye chakra or sit down and put it on your crown chakra; this will allow you to balance those energy points and restore your energy levels.

Tiger’s eye
The tiger’s eye is one of the most attractive crystals that exists, not only for its colors, but also for its metaphysical properties. The energy of the tiger eye can mold, heal, and guide you if you welcome it into your life. One of the things that makes this crystal so interesting is that it is excellent for protecting you from negative vibes. In addition, it can even amplify the energy of other crystals that come into contact with it, so you can wear a bracelet with tiger eye and other crystals to balance your vital energy.

This gemstone is mainly composed of iron which gives its metallic look. The name Hematite means “Blood stone” in latin since it is often found covered by rust (red in color) in its natural state. This stone is very good for grounding and to rebalance your energy while keeping away negativity. It’s ideal for protection, especially against psychic attacks. It also helps to combat stress, anxiety, worry, and fear. Hematite provides an overall sense of security, stability, and a feeling of safety. This stone can neutralize toxic emotions and clear negative feelings while removing blockages and negative thoughts from the subconscious mind. It is a great stone to work with when you feel spaced out and unable to connect back to your daily life since it brings grounding, clarity of thought and focus. Hematite is also known as “the lawyers stone” because it’s specialty is to help achieve success during legal challenges. Carry this crystal with you when summoned to court in order to encourage a positive judgment in your favor and good outcomes in legal matters.

The energy of hematite crystals helps to balance your aura and align your chakras by bringing together the energy of mind, body and spirit. Hematite crystals have an excellent vibration that helps to remove energy blockages and rebalance your energy. Wearing a necklace or a bracelet of this crystal, in addition to beautifying whoever wears it, will also repel bad vibrations and combat negative emotions.

Crystals are extremely powerful tools that nature has put at your disposal to strengthen your spirit and help humanity to transcend. If you want to keep all the negativity in life at bay, use a protective crystal as often as you can when you feel the need for it. If you don’t already have one, go to Crystal Dreams, the best crystal store in Quebec, where you can choose among a vast variety of crystals imported from all around the world. You can access the Crystal Dreams shop page and find the crystal that’s right for you.

Keep in mind Negative energies are everywhere. However, it’s your decision to protect yourself from them or allow them to affect you.

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