How to detect fake gemstones?

Undoubtedly in the eyes of experts there are no lies that are worth, but certainly if we are not experts any can make us believe things that are not. The best way to detect fake stones is surely to analyze them in a laboratory, but as you can’t always learn how to detect fake stones with these tips that will be valuable to you.

Fake gemstone simulation

Precious stones can be simulated in various ways. The most commonly used materials for cheating are plastic and glass. You may think you are getting a splendid amethyst pendant, but since it is a natural crystal, someone else may want to easily imitate it in glass.

Other stones that can also be imitated in glass are rubies and amber stones. On how to detect fake gemstones there is a useful tip: Gemstones, as they come from the earth then they are not going to be perfect on sight.

Precious stones with imperfections

Do not be surprised to see a real gemstone with imperfections, it is possible that they have minimal inequalities because they come from the natural source, or that you notice lines in the form of veins through them. Check it with a magnifying glass and you will notice it.

Another important tip for learning how to detect fake gemstones is shine. Look closely, a genuine stone does not shine perfectly, the natural environment has worn it out and it may have areas where its shine is not uniform. A fake stone will dazzle you with its polished shine.

The weight of precious stones

Another detail that will help you in the purpose of detecting false stones is the weight. Stones made of glass are much denser, and of course perfect, than those that come from natural sources. Plastic ones, on the contrary, are very light, and you will notice that they do not weigh anything.

Fake pearls

How to detect fake pearls? Very loved by their delicate process of creation and the beauty of their color, pearls can easily be false. For it it is important to review well before acquiring them. The real pearls have clean edges, the false ones have rough edges. Fake pearls have a perfect symmetry, unlike real ones that have variations. Real pearls have different light variations.

Do you already know how to recognize semi-precious stones?

Without a doubt the process to learn how to detect fake gemstones is long, because there is no single method to counterfeit stones, however, the best thing is to go to a certified site that guarantees you a quality purchase.

Very beautiful stones like auralite, amethyst, aventurine, citrine, bloodstone, tiger eye, rose quartz, selenite, carnelian, shungite, quartz, black tourmaline, lapis lazuli, malachite and many other gems can be subject to counterfeiting.

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