Water purification through crystals

Many people are looking for different ways of coping and healing in the face of the situation we have gone through this year worldwide.

Healing can be obtained through many sources, spiritual, earthly and personal. For those who are interested in connecting on an earthly level, using crystals is a way to stay calm during difficult times.

Crystals are natural formations appreciated for their colors, textures and shapes that generate energy. There is no unique healing modality with crystals, however they have been used to heal and purify in indigenous cultures.

But how do crystals work in water purification?

The choice of a crystal has to do with the energy connection that is established with it. It is very important that you allow yourself to be guided by your intuition and not by what others advise you before acquiring it.

Any crystal you choose will help you in the purification and energetic recharge of the water.

Water has vibration so drinking water charged with the radiation of the crystals will cause a positive transformation in our body, in our mind and in our spirit.

The crystals purify the water with their energy, when ingested for a certain time you will begin to feel harmony in your body and you will have fewer situations that affect your health.

There are many theories about the effects that crystals generate in water and what this causes to our organism.

Among these theories is the scientific evaluation that was carried out by the German Institute Hagalis where they presented analyzed samples of water with crystals, in which the pH value and the amount of oxygen would have been improved.

How to purify water with crystals?

Preparing water with crystals to achieve its purification is easy. Here are the steps to energize or purify water.

– Carefully wash the crystal with cold water. If it is washed with hot water, you can damage its properties.

– Prepare a glass container, it can be a jug or bottle with drinking water.


-In the glass carafe or bottle with water, put the glass and cover.

-Leave the water loaded during the whole night. It is recommended to put in a place where it receives the solar or lunar light.

The water will be ready! Drink it throughout the day for 21 consecutive days.

Every time you empty the bottle with water you can repeat the same procedure.

Do you know the benefits that water purified with crystals brings to your body?

What are the benefits of drinking water purified with crystals?

It is mentioned above that crystals and water have a vibration and energy, this balances both brain hemispheres.

-Strengthens the immune system.

-Their vibration helps to release negative energy and heals any physical imbalance.

-Strengthens self-esteem and as a result will help you to face limits and fears.

-Fights physical and mental stress

-It is an excellent source of healing to recover vitality in post surgical processes.

-It brings peace, stability and tranquility to the character or temperament of each person.

You can apply the water on the body of patients, use in children’s baths, elderly and sick people.

And don’t forget! You must drink the water daily if you want to obtain every benefit and its healing qualities.

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