Lapis Lazuli Meaning: the Original Sacred Blue Stone

Crystal Dreams Lapis Lazuli: The Original Blue Stone

The use of lapis lazuli has a long history, its lore is some of the most ancient in the world. Lapis lazuli translates to ‘blue stone’ in Latin, and it is known as the ‘original blue stone’ by some historians. Lapis lazuli has been involved in human history since the ancient times. In 1271, Marco Polo wrote about one of the first mines people used to mine lapis lazuli. He claimed, it was the mine with the “finest azure in the world”.

In those times, lapis lazuli was often referred to as sapphire or azure, however, experts now know that lapis lazuli is the stone they meant to refer to. In the time of Christ, it was more valued than gold, and it was mentioned in the Bible as being one of the crystals on the high priests’ breastplate. Lapis lazuli was also highly praised by the Egyptian and Roman civilizations, used on the death mask of Tutankhamun in Egypt and painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.

Lapis Lazuli 2Among many artistic uses, lapis lazuli also had practical uses, such as marking documents and to send messages. The lapis lazuli stones were carved into seals, impressions, or religion inscriptions and were rolled across wet clay to leave an impression on it. Some people wore those seals as necklaces. In the 18th century, lapis lazuli stones were part of the “gem language” to convey secret messages amongst English and French royalty. Lapis lazuli could be carved, but also made into a powder to create paint colours or makeup. Ultramarine, the colour used for certain parts of the Sistine Chapel painting by Michelangelo, was made from this stone. Some historians believe that Cleopatra had eyeshadow made from lapis lazuli powder.

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Lapis lazuli helps a person understand their spiritual journey and develop their intuition. It is a powerful stone to create clarity of mind and communication. It is often called a “truth crystal”, as it also ensures that the words you speak are in alignment with your personal truth. It can also be used to protect an environment when placed in all four corners of a room. This gemstone helps expand awareness, intellect, increase psychic abilities, overcome depression and relieve anger.  It also a good stone to bring to work because it helps one to aim high at your goals, attracts promotions, recognition, fame, and success. Choosing the lapis lazuli stone for you involves picking the one that calls to you, yet the bluer the lapis lazuli stone, the more powerful it will be. This gem works with the Third Eye Chakra and is considered to be a Sagittarius birthstone.

“My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth’s loveliness”


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  1. I keep my Lapis Lazuli prism on my desk at work because it is said to help get more recognition and promotions in the workplace and I was finally promoted last week at my job! The crystal helped me get where I wanted to be in my career, I kept working hard and trusting my crystals process and it payed off!

    Thank you crystal dreams for your beautiful and natural crystals and stones .


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