Top 3 Crystals and Gemstones for Love

Crystal Dreams Rose Quartz Crystal Prisms / Points

Crystals to attract love into your life

Crystals have been used for hundreds of years; each one having their own unique energetic properties. Through the use of these stones we can attract love into our lives. We can wear crystals on our body as jewelry; like crystal pendants, crystal bracelets and rings with gemstones are good ways to attract love. Tumbled stones can also be carried in pockets or in purses. We can attract love into our homes through decoration. Placing a crystal pyramid in a desired area of your home can be a powerful tool for attracting love as it will amplify the energy in your home.

Rose Quartz Crystal

The rose quartz crystal is the ultimate crystal for love. It encourages compassion and forgiveness and balances the heart chakra. Rose quartz can be worn over the heart as jewelry such as a rose quartz pendant, or as a decoration in the bedroom. Based on the concept of Feng Shui, you can decorate your bedroom with a bowl of rose quartz crystals or, you can place two rose quartz crystals in the far right corner of the room, also known as the “relationship corner”.Crystal Dreams 100% Authentic Rose Quartz Gemstone Pendant With Clear Quartz AmplifierAventurine

The green aventurine stone helps to manifest prosperity, heal emotional wounds, attract good luck and love. This crystal can be used to stimulate the heart chakra which will help one to be more compassionate and empathetic. Because it works with the heart chakra, it can help heal relationships where one feels stuck or there’s miscommunication, while bringing positivity, love and understanding back into the relationship.Crystal Dreams Aventurine Stone. Come And Get One Of Your Own.Ruby Fuschite

The combination of ruby and fuschite makes this stone one of the most efficient crystals to balance and heal the heart chakra. This gemstone is excellent to heal emotions and to support you in recovering from any illness at an energetic level. It helps to relieve feelings of sadness, depression and broken hearts. It is also ideal to remove blockages and to open your heart to enable you to receive or give more love.Crystal Dreams Ruby Fushite. Come And Get One Of Your Own.

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  1. I love the fact that your gemstone store is open seven days a week and you have two locations in Montreal! We look forward to seeing you at the store in St-denis.

  2. Im impressed, I must say. Actually hardly ever do I encounter a blog thats both educative and entertaining! and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head! Your way of thinking is outstanding. The issue is that not enough individuals are talking intelligently about spirituality and crystals so it’s nice to see this website. I am very completely satisfied that I stumbled across this in my seek for crystals and metaphysics.

  3. Rose Quartz is my favourite crystal! You have such a beautiful collection of crystals at both your boutiques in Pierrefonds and downtown Montreal. I started working a lot with my rose quartz that I got from your store and I’ve put strong intentions into it and I’ve started to see results in my love life. Thank you Crystal Dreams and your great staff!

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